Muirwood Reclamations


One of a kind goods can be hard to find but Muirwood Reclamations is doing just that by reusing materials to make an assortment of useful products and decor for the home.

From the outskirts of Chicago comes a husband and wife team that started Muirwood Reclamations. Scott and Kristin Fischer had a need for a dining room table and so they used reclaimed woods to build the table of their dreams. In using reclaimed materials they started building not just tables, but anything from crayon holders for kids to a coat rack using old railroad spikes.

Their latest creation was in association with a local steel factory in Itasca, Illinois as they repurposed real railroad spikes into durable bottle openers. This useful invention was even chosen by The Grommet as a featured new product.

In selling their products on Etsy, they have come to us for promotional stickers featuring their logo and also some runs of barcode matte labels for their different items. There are many steps to success in business and launching new products. We are always excited to see our stickers and product labels help address packaging and promotional needs on the journey.

Check out this quick video featuring Muirwood Reclamations Railroad Spike Bottle Opener: