New Alltop Business Card Stickers

Guy Kawasaki and I have been doing a bit of product development on the side. The first version of this product was a hit, but probably too expensive to become commercially successful and had a few issues. The first was that they were hard to peel, I went for a heavy duty feel and the result was overkill. The second issue was Guy wasn't sure if he liked the card "info" on the inside of the backing or the outside, so we did it differently this time, we'll let him decide.


  1. I think it is a great idea. If I received a sticker business card it would definitely be one that I would remember over the others. However, I agree with Michael - if the back half were thicker, they would be held on to a lot more.

  2. Seen magnetic business cards stuck to the side of an AC service van once. Big lettering said "take one". Also, seen some great examples of business card uses on Joe Polishes website.

  3. That is a very cool idea. Maybe not for business users but definitely for service based companies instead of fridge magnets. Denists, hair salons, dog grooming, pizza places. Very cool. I might just have to blog about this idea. :)

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  5. Like the idea, but I wish the biz card half were made from a thicker stock and really could be used as a biz card. You wouldn't want the user to throw it away. Love this for Radio stations!

  6. Although I think the sticker concept is neat, I'm just not sold on the idea for business cards yet... though, I do see great utility in this, like others mentioned, for the service type industries.

    Jon @

  7. Im definitely pitching this idea to my client.

  8. Great idea; can think of all sorts of applications and i've never seen this done before so will grab some attention at those boring networking events.

    do you ship to Australia?

  9. This is a god idea - but make sure you realize those stickers might end up places that you or a property owner might not like! Think street signs, private property, lift towers and the like.

    Maybe not a bad thing for the exposure - but it only takes one bad placement for trouble to come up!

  10. I like the idea. The ultimate test of a business card is whether it can be scanned easily and correctly. So you might want to test card designs on different scanners to see the results. (Things like Company name need to be repeated on the back.)

  11. Fun idea - I can completely see peeling off the backing, which says "peel off to see a special offer", with your (discount, free sessions, etc.) behind it....good for a contest idea too where the "prize" offers are 1 in 100, etc...

  12. Can a company be held responsible if people start putting their business card stickers everywhere?

  13. I have been selling stickers for 10 years and this has never been an issue. This is definitely a contrived problem.

  14. Which company you are talking about, the one who printing business cards stickers or the one who getting their business cards stickers printed?

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  16. I've been thinking about getting some business card stickers so cheers for the video!


  17. looking forward to seeing every start up in the valley on my caltrain ride, muni jaunts, and at stoplights stuck on carbon aerospokes.

  18. You seem enthusiastic about the business cards and the image made me chuckle. I have been reading the comments and I take it you have looked at all the possible issues related with the use of the cards. It was nice to play your video you seem such a happy chappy. regards Dape UK

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  20. Unique idea, what a perfect way to grab the readers attention and get yourself noticed.

  21. hey,
    Calling all cars, calling all cars, this is northern europe speaking.

    If i was to offer a business card/sticker to my business partner, or one should be offered to me, I would feel quite aqward, since both the culture and ettiquette would consider a peel of bussinesscard either immature or hard to handle (culturarly).

    Im sure this is also the case for the Asian market.

    But on the other hand, i might be wrong, and the thing we se here is the birth of new bussinescard. And furthermore my Anti-spam word reads "Broad".
    Anyways I tnd to stick with my oppinion - not the best choice for biz card.


  22. Well the information may be at the back of the sticker, but once the sticker is removed the back part (where contact details are) seems a piece of paper to throw away. The sticker holding the logo has no contact details, at least a phone number or website. Who has time to look for the details etc?

  23. This isn't original, it's clunky and unprofessional. Anthony is right the contact is throw away and who leaves "http://" on a business card anymore? Guy shares good information but he obviously wouldn't know good design if it sat in his lap and called him mama.

    Guy is a pro but all his visual branding looks so amateurish which is too bad.

  24. I love how people automatically anoint this as a good/groundbreaking idea b/c it's from Guy. It's not that big of a deal, and the impracticality may outweigh the initial "shock" value, which fades rather quickly.

  25. The sticker holding the logo has no contact details, at least a phone number or website. Who has time to look for the details etc?

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