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Lifestylez Tours Use Custom Shapes to Get Stoked for POWder and Snodaze


It's officially smack dab in the middle of winter, and for many that means hitting the slopes. To keep the stoke high for their trips and tours, Lifestylez has printed up a slew of custom shapes using our custom shaped die cut stickers. They will be perfect for their customers and will help their global brand travel even farther.

The POW sticker, for Purveyors of Winter, uses a glossy finish and a mix of cyan, white and black. This harkens to the classification of colors of ski runs that you'll find on resort mountain slopes. See the other designs they came up with below. It's a great use of different shapes and design styles.

The company, Lifestylez Productions, represents a variety of ski and snowboarding tours to college and alumni groups. They offer travel packages for ski vacations to major mountain resorts in North America and Switzerland, and they offer internships to college students to stay in touch with their community.

Lifstylez has been doing this for over 20 years and taken over 400,000 college students and young alumni to ski resorts and sun destinations. They know how important it is to make a lasting impression. By introducing young adults to outdoor experiences and focusing on college towns, they have a focused audience and a market that they can grow for their services.

By building programs and events for students and young alumni, they can offer a range of places to give out stickers, from après ski gatherings and concerts to a variety of on and off mountain events and contests. It's a great way to differentiate the creative aspect of your logo from your competitors. They have these five other designs, with some great use of our laser die cutter to get those mountain peaks and the cool tires on the cat ski mobile. From simple, yet classic logo stickers to promotional and event-based stickers, Lifestylez is covering their bases for an expert-level marketing effort.


Winter Ready Outdoor Durable Polypropylene Material

If you've spent any time on a chairlift or bombing down black runs, you'll know that stickers plaster the chairs, helmets, lift lines and signs all over the mountain. Now, we're proud supporters of green business, and do our best in our own work (as we say, Please Stick Responsibly), yet stickers help promote the many brands participating in the culture around skiing. They make a great take-home for customers shopping at the store or eating in the restaurant at the resort. Specifically, these stickers they've chosen are printed in full color on our white polypropylene material that comes finished with UV laminate for outdoor durability, meaning they will hold up on those lift poles and gear boxes for years to come.

If you need logo stickers or promotional stickers, we have many custom choices to get started.

Resolving to experience America's State Parks with First Day Hikes Stickers

Often with a new year comes updated resolutions and reaffirmed commitments to a better self, and America's State Parks held a challenge called First Day Hikes. It's their second year, and to commemorate this edition they printed up a kiss cut sticker that helps hikers check off a resolution to start the new year right.

In the 2016 version of First Day Hikes, almost 55,000 people hiked 133,000-plus miles on guided hikes in America's State Parks. With resolutions focusing on personal fitness, why not opt for the outdoor gym, where you can connect with nature? It's a non-traditional marketing play that's perfectly on brand for our State Park System. While the National Parks might seem like a bigger draw, state, city and regional parks all offer the unsurpassed access and inspiration for people who enjoy the outdoors.

Stickers for First Day Hikes in New York State Parks

These stickers went out to the New York State Parks Public Affairs team, where they manage 180 state parks from the shores of Long Island to the mighty Niagara Falls, and hope to inspire residents and travelers to the Empire State to take advantage of all that the state has to offer.

The guided First Day Hikes were led by knowledgeable state park staff and volunteers, and the goal is to have fun and savor beauty. The guide offers knowledge and safety, especially for those who are experiencing the outdoors for the first time. It's never to late to start, and the key for those who want to continue is to have a great first experience. Like many resolutions, they come and go, but with a lasting impression like this kiss cut sticker, people can be inspired to keep up their connection with a state park nearby. Resolve to have a healthy lifestyle for you and your family this year. America's State Parks have a great mission, and we hope these stickers help folks remember to get outdoors.
America’s State Park programs are committed to promoting outdoor recreation in hopes to help address obesity, especially in children. Furthermore, exercise and outdoor activities rejuvenate the mind and body, promoting overall mental and physical health and wellness. Many believe that time spent in nature enhances creativity and lifts our moods!

In the United States, the America's State Parks include 10,336 state park areas comprising 18,597,527 acres, with 9,067 trails over 38,200 miles total length and 241,255 campsites ranging from multiple hookups to primitive locals. And the State Parks System administrators make sure we all have access to these amazing resources. We love data here in the sticker factory, and seeing these massive numbers makes us want to plan a road trip and see more of this country. At StickerGiant, we're big supporters of any outdoor recreation, and in our home state of Colorado we print custom stickers for many adventure sports brands and outdoor recreation companies. It's not only good business for our state, it's good living for the residents of the Centennial State. Here's to healthy living outdoors in 2018.

Custom Glossy White Labels for Genuine African Formula Products


If ever there were a time for the right skin care products, it's the harsh winter months. Genuine African Formula boasts a line up of Herbal Alternative soaps, shampoos, oils, balms and more. They are keeping their products dressed up with custom glossy white labels to show their benefits and branding.

Genuine African Formula is manufacturing and producing Health & Beauty products using traditional African remedies, herbal medicines and natural cosmetics. Their products are high quality and comparable to what you will find in high end salons across America. They make sure all their products are hypoallergenic, non-acnegenic, sensitivity tested, and non-pore clogging. The ingredients are carefully selected to adhere to these standards and to help people have a healthy and youthful appearance.

In bringing their skin care products to life, it was important to come up with the various colorful label designs for each product. From there they came to us to print up these custom shaped labels to get them ready to hit shelves and fulfill online orders. These were printed as our Glossy White Labels which are digital printed to give colors the full pop, and the glossy laminate gives their products a shiny appearance so they stand out.

We see lots of skin care product labels coming through the sticker factory and it's clear to see that putting in the time and energy into great label design can really pay off. From the preview images in an online shop to the placement on a shelf in a store, labels play an important part in the selling process. In addition to custom glossy white labels, we also offer clear labels which can utilize white inks in the designs, or we have matte labels which give a clean, satin finish to products.

Genuine African Formula was kind enough to send us a box of all the products they are selling, which gave us the opportunity to see our custom labels after they leave the roll and are applied. It's a rare experience for a printer and we really appreciate being able to talk about their products after getting to put them to use.

Marfa Public Radio Promotes in the Big Bend Region with Oval Die Cut Stickers


Marfa Public Radio, or KRTS 93.5 on the FM dial for those in Far West Texas area, is a radio station that broadcasts in a public radio format. Their sky blue oval die cut stickers harken to the big, blue skies of the region, and with a radio wave transmitter lightning bolt and a nostalgic script font that calls back to the heyday of radio in American popular culture.

If you're out in this remote part of Texas, this sticker will automatically show your allegiance to this one-of-a-kind radio station that has a schedule and live stream to serve as a companion in the car, at home or at the office. There's a cool writeup in the New York Times about how this little radio station helped provide a valuable public service during the largest wildfire in Texas history.

KRTS’s mountaintop transmitter site in the Davis Mountains, a part of the region that's remote and beautiful and it's nice to know that the sounds over the airwaves come from a beautiful place. Marfa Public Radio broadcasts at three FM frequencies in the Big Bend region: KRTS 93.5 in Marfa and Fort Davis, Texas on KRTP 93.5 FM and also in Alpine, Texas on KDKY 91.7 FM and in Marathon, Texas at 91.5 FM. The station features programming from National Public Radio plus local affairs and original music programs from the Big Bend. They have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile worth checking out, and they have a few podcasts out there to listen to, and we are always big supporters of podcasts ourselves, naturally, and they have a live stream to dip into. Marfa is an interesting place, and it's known for the Marfa Lights -- which is a phenomenon that you'll have to see to believe.

When it comes to promotional stickers, a simple, iconic design goes a long way. The oval is one of the most popular logo stickers of all time, and these stickers have a durable finish and easy crack-and-peel backing. Since it's a die cut sticker, it stacks simply, just like in the picture, and the custom shape goes right to the sticker's edge, leaving less backing to peel.

Custom Matte Labels for Little Collins Express All the Feelings


Little Collins NYC

At Little Collins it's like a Choose Your Own Coffee Adventure--how are you feeling today? Estatic? Great? Tired? Well, pick the right emotion, and then order a coffee to match it. With custom matte labels featuring whimsical phrases and designs, customers can have some fun to take with them wherever they go.

Little Collins might be a New York cafe, but they take their name from the busy street in Melbourne, Australia, that serves as local gathering place for people in the area to shop and dine. The team behind Little Collins built the entire concept around the customer, from the menu to the decor. Even the music is part of the design, and the goal is for customers to feel at home while taking a journey around the work. It's like the coffee version of the bar in the show Cheers: everyone knows your name here. And it's more than just coffee, they have a full food menu and catering service. They are serious about their craft at Little Collins.

Since we're all about local business (and we love coffee, it's how we power our staff to make these stickers!), it's great to see one in the largest city in the country take the time and care to make it a destination built around a great customer experience. They have some great press about their shop, and you can follow them on social media on Instagram and Twitter.

We do plenty of sticker and label work for coffee roasters and cafe owners, and we can see their stories spreading like the steam from a freshly brewed pot of coffee. These stickers help perk up their loyal fans, and they help get their message out around town in one of the country's biggest coffee drinking markets. New York is the city that never sleeps, and coffee and food at Little Collins help fuel those Big Apple dreams.

Unique die cut sticker designs help Tocabe American Indian Eatery share their story in Denver

tocabe-denver-die-cut-2017Tocabe first opened its doors in December 2008, and today they have two restaurants in the Denver area. Tocabe is the only American Indian owned and operated restaurant in Metro Denver, with warm and open atmosphere that shares connections with American Indian cultural elements. There's a modern feel to the spaces that's reflected in their designs that they printed on two different die cut stickers. 
Tocabe takes it origin from Grayhorse: An American Indian Eatery, established in downtown Denver in 1989 by the Jacobs family. The Jacobs are tribal members of the Osage Nation. Tocabe uses some of the same recipes from Grayhorse and has expanded on Osage family recipes to create a new and unique take on American Indian cuisine. Tocabe is owned by Matt Chandra and Ben Jacobs.

They've had some great news coverage, with a Triple D (Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) appearance with Guy Fieri and an Atlantic article. These custom logo stickers have help spread the word about their restaurant even farther as more patrons come in and grab a sticker when leaving.

Die cut stickers are ideal for logo design as we offer custom shapes that are laser die cut. We also give the option to choose between glossy finish or our new matte finish. Tocabe went with the glossy finish to give their logo an extra shine.

Tocabe gives their fans the ability to make their story travel with these colorfully designed stickers.