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Listen Local Hunstville Promotes Local Singer-Songwriters With Custom Square Stickers

listen local huntsville 2017

Listen Local Huntsville believes in showcasing, promoting, and supporting local singer-songwriters, and their goal is to transform the live listening and music entertainment culture of Huntsville. Their glossy kiss cut stickers contain their unique logo of a Shure-style microphone inside of a guitar pick that serves as the "heart" for love between the big block caps of WE and MUSIC. Listen Local Huntsville truly does love music, and that passion will play all over Northern Alabama.

Tonight's performance features Josh & Judy Allison, Jay Burgess, and Dylan LeBlanc will be hosted by Alan Little at Listen Local Huntsville IX for an unforgettable listening room performance at VBC Playhouse. The event will be MC'd by John Schmitt.  We hope everyone enjoys their night in Huntsville, and we look forward to the next edition. They have nice, long history on their website worth reading, and you'll learn the story of John Schmitt and Alan Little and their support of the very cool Microwave Dave Musical Education Foundation. Music and stickers are a big part of the StickerGiant story, and we enjoy reading about entrepreneurs with a passion for live music.

And while we're at it, we gotta plug their Listen Local Hutsville podcast, as fellow lovers of the podcast medium with our monthly Sticker Stories podcast. Listen in to the great music they have to showcase.

Kiss Cut Stickers Play Well On Any Stage

If you're a band or music promotional group looking to get your group's name out there, look no further than a kiss cut sticker. It's an affordable way to get your logo into your fan's hands. They stack easily on a merchandise table, and they are durable enough for laptops, water bottles, bumper stickers and anywhere your fans want to represent their love of your music. We love printing up custom band stickers, and we love seeing new artists take wings and share their voice with the world.

Vegtastic Custom Kiss Cut Stickers for tart in Bozeman, Montana


Photo credit: @tartique instagram

We are all about independent and local businesses, and today our sticker story comes from tart, a ten-year fixture in the Bozeman arts and craft scene.

They bring us these wonderful kiss cut stickers that display illustrations of vegetables for a series of handmade felt ornaments for sale in their shop. The drawings are from a staff member Lauren, and the ornaments come from Amanda Adams of @closecallstudio. These stickers are a great way to add to a purchase, as they are colorful, beautiful and match the ornaments perfectly.

More about tart

tart started in 2007 as a boutique and contemporary art gallery in the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture and spent nine years in that location, when the original owner Anna Visscher decided it was time for a change. She closed the brick and mortar side of the business in March of 2016, and then in the summer of 2016 Serena Rundberg, the owner of Bozeman favorite restaurants Nova and Feed, purchased tart and moved it to the historic red barn that also houses Feed. If their Instagram and stickers are any indication, tart is growing and thriving. The goal of the business is the same: to carry a mix of artists and products that are handmade.

tart photo credit Amber Schwartz Photography

Photo from tart Facebook by

Compliment your products with custom stickers

Packaging up any purchase gets that much more fun when you can throw in a custom sticker that reflects your customer's interests and reinforces your brand and your experience. Whether it's a kiss cut sticker like our friends at tart or if you're thinking about sticker sheets or silkscreen stickers, we have a custom sticker option that will help you stand out from the crowd. It might be an add-on like the vegetable stickers, or it might be a logo sticker that stacks on your vendor table at the craft market.

No matter the stage of your small business, if you're on etsy or your own website, you can use a sticker to share your story with the world.

Rolled matte product labels wrap Functional Remedies in a smooth finish


Functional Remedies has spent over a decade perfecting a full spectrum CBD strain for wellness and resilience. They were the first USDA Certified Organic hemp company in the United States, and every one of their products is grown under the Colorado sun using sustainable, all-natural farming practices.

With a rolled matte label that displays all of their essential information and company branding in one place, their Clarify line of Hemp Capsules, Hemp Tinctures, and Hemp Salve will be ready to fly off the shelves.

Hemp as a product and the Functional Remedies story

Their philosophy is to distill the best of the hemp plant into a single-origin, cannabinoid oil that serves as a full spectrum supplement, and an addition to a daily health routine. Hemp is considered a different product from cannabis or marijuana, and it's available in grocery stores in a many states across America.

Functional Remedies was known as CBDRx when they were our neighbor back in our Hygiene days, and their harvest season always brought a verdant bouquet that wafted over the St. Vrain River Valley.

Custom product label solutions

At StickerGiant, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch support for label customers like Functional Remedies, since they go through many orders in a short amount of time. It's no secret that hemp CBD products are becoming very popular in states that have legalized hemp and even those that have not. Here in Colorado, we see quite a bit of hemp and cannabis business, from glossy labels and logo stickers to matte stickers. We provide a few different label options on our site, and if you need to see samples we can provide those.


Custom shaped stickers from students at UBC Faculty of Forestry take wings to spread their message


The UBC Faculty of Forestry designed these custom  glossy die cut stickers to help spread their passion for their program across campus and greater British Columbia. It features wildlife and beautiful landscapes, along with their iconic building. This sticker will travel far and wide. Students and those interested in the program will now have a portable billboard to display their pride.
Forestry is the science, art and practice of understanding, managing and using wisely the natural resources associated with, and derived from forest lands. These resources include timber, water, fish, wildlife, soil, plants, and recreation. Forest lands are instrumental in the beauty and spiritual impact of our landscape. The utilization of all of these resources is part of the cultural heritage of British Columbia, and modern resources management embraces these values. Finding a balance between these multiple uses, while sustaining and conserving forest resources is the basis of this challenging and exciting program of study.

The program has a history dating back over one hundred years, when in 1915 UBC officially started as an institution, with three academic areas: Arts and Science, Applied Science, and Agriculture. In 1918, the first forestry course started, where for four weeks returning war veterans could qualify to work as forest guards. One of the newest developments is their Bachelor of Urban Forestry degree that was established in 2015.

Promoting a college department with custom stickers

It's an exciting time for this institution of higher learning, and custom shaped die cut stickers will last for years to come. With a durable finish and a crack-and-peel backing, these stickers will are easily applied and are long lasting.

Check them out on these social media channels:

Here's a quick video of their die cut stickers getting shrink wrapped and ready for shipping:

Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 7: Brining Cucumbers and talking Matte Labels with Colorado Liquor Pickles


This week we welcome Jennifer and Jerry from Colorado Liquor Pickles, who mix beer and spirits with pickles. Two of nature’s greatest creations, just add labels. 

You can listen to the interview, and there's more about this episode below.

Top of Mind

Hamish talked all about our Matte Die Cut Stickers, which we've been promoting quite a bit this week on all of our social feeds. This new product offering means you can get custom shaped Die Cut Stickers with a matte finish that's much different than our glossy option. If you are looking for a sample pack to test these out, head to

Andrew wanted to make sure that everyone knew about our 24 days of Stickers stream on our Instagram, where we're highlighting fun seasonal stickers that feature a holiday design.

Sticker Story: Colorado Liquor Pickles


We started with their origin story. They lived in Colorado and left. When they returned from the East Coast, they started visiting breweries and then the lightbulb moment happened: brine the cucumbers in liquor. They started with beer, and it's been a non-stop journey since. They developed relationships local breweries, and then they started working with Spirit Hound Distillers in Lyons. They are juggling this business with other efforts, but they are fully dedicated to this project. In fact, some days, they'll spend 10 hours packing and doing production. Their story is similar to our founder story with John Fischer back in Episode 2, where he talks about starting StickerGiant in his home with his wife. It's great to see these news businesses in a similar stage, as it's exciting to start up something.

Hamish and Jerry geeked out a bit on bikes before we turned to their use of matte and glossy labels, and how they are constantly doing research and development on new recipes. They have chosen to go with Matte Labels for their products, for the way these labels fit with the craft appeal of their product Liquor Pickles. One bit of media they were excited about is their upcoming slot on Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel, which airs in January. They have a big year ahead in 2018, and you know we'll be following their story. Their new website is set to launch soon, and we'll get a link in here when it does.

End of Season One!

We are wrapping up season one, and we'll be back again 12th, January 2018, with a new lineup of content and guests. It will also be National Sticker Day, and we'll have plenty to talk about with Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball.

We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and thanks for listening this year. We are so very appreciative of all of the folks who have checked out a Live Friday or listened to an episode of the podcast. It means a lot, and we can't wait to share more Sticker Stories.

The podcast will be available to download in all the usual spots: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Radio Public.

See you in 2018!

Music & Art

Opening music Cha Cappella – Jimmy Fontanez
Closing music My Rollercoaster – Kimya Dawson
Art Alan Peters - Jupiter Visual

Matte stickers help sparks fly during Ignite Boulder 34

One of our top local event sponsorships of the year is happening tonight, and it's yet another sell-out edition. Ignite Boulder is one of the largest Ignite Talks communities in the world, and this 34th version is loaded with fun talks and short films. Oh yeah, and our new matte stickers will be on site at the beautiful Boulder Theater for the organizing team to promote their event.

Sticker design helps a brand stand out

Their matte sticker design has the perfectly cut shape with no backing, a main feature of our die cuts. You can see the Ignite Talks branding (sparks flying from the word Ignite) and location tag for Boulder as the foundation, which is a powerful image. The matte finish helps the sublimated background display the mountains of Colorado and signify this iconic setting.

More about Ignite 34 and thanks to the organizing team

Since this is a long-time sponsorship and members of our team attend the event, we wanted to give a gig shoutout to all of the folks behind the scenes that help coach speakers, prepare the slideshow, promote ticket sales, assist with ushering and much more. Ignite Boulder is 100% volunteer-led and organized by Glider, a local community group. It truly takes a village to pull of these types of events, so thanks to all of those folks. Ignite Boulder gives away any profits they make to 501c3 nonprofits. Let them know if you are up to something amazing and can use their extra funds.

Traditionally, the Winter Ignite is known as Winter Ball or "Nerd Prom," and when folks gather the getups are all over the map, as you'd expect from Boulder, Colorado. There's the ugly holiday sweater, the full ball gown, and of course, the shorts tuxedo. Truly, a range of fashion that are  all perfect for a night of geeky fun.

With Ignite Talks, presenters get 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which lasts just 5 minutes. The motto is: enlighten us, but make it quick.

Ignite events are held in cities around the world. Find an Ignite near you, browse Ignite videos or start a new Ignite in your city.
Ignite Talks is a fast-paced geek event started in 2006 by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis. Since the first Ignite took place in Seattle around 10 years ago, Ignite has become an international phenomenon, with Ignite events produced in Helsinki, Tunisia, Paris, New York City and over 350 other locations in between.

Ignite’s mission is “Everyone Speaks.” We believe that public speaking builds confidence in individuals and that events like Ignite build community. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to learn to present their ideas and their stories.

Ignite Boulder Matte Stickers make a spark

Since Ignite Talks are all about sparking conversations, it's only fitting that there's photo and video commemorating our first sparks coming from matte stickers. This happens when the roll passes through our laser die cut machine. As the laser traces the path of the sticker outline, it's zapping all along the edge. It's a really fun process to watch as the stickers all come out at the other end of the machine where they stack up, like you see in the photo above.

Here's the video we shot as this order went through shop.