Pantone Color Matching - Screen to Ink

Hi, I'm John Fischer. I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant and today I want to talk about color matching on screens to printed material.

So, here are two stickers that we printed that are good full range color stickers. They have good examples of color in them.

Everyday we get emails and we get files from customers over our website. Often customers say, "Can you just match the color on the screen in your file?" If color is not critical, that works. But if color is really important and critical to you, it doesn't work.

There's a lot of reasons why, and rather than get into all of the technical reasons why, I just thought I'd show you...

I have four screens set up over here. As you can see these are four screens that are normally adjusted screens, to you and I, if it was your monitor at home, it would look great. Your brain automatically color adjusts to make the color look normal.

So, the next question is how do we color match when we're separated by distance and can't look at the same thing?

There's a system and we use Pantone Color Matching System to match. This is a Pantone book, it has a wide range of colors and they're all printed to match, exactly. This is a four color process Pantone book, so I could compare this to things that are printed cyan, magenta, yellow and black on a four color process press.

Or, you can use the Pantone Formula book, which actually has Pantone color matching inks, where the inks match the book. We have one, your designer has one and the people running our printing presses have these books and they all match.

When color is critical, don't rely on your screen. Rely on a popular color matching system like Pantone or some other color correct proofing method and you'll be happy with the results.

I'm John Fischer, thanks for watching.


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