Talking Business and Brisket with Matt Alexander of Georgia Boys BBQ


This month we sat down with Matt Alexander from Georgia Boys BBQ Company.

Matt is one of the co-founders of the restaurant group based here in Colorado. He tells us the story of how he and his partner started the business after being laid off during the recession, growing from a low-key catering service to having two locations with a third one coming soon.

So without further ado listen in to our interview with Matt from Georgia Boys BBQ.

We started with Matt's Founder's Story to understand where did it all began, and we learned about a great ski season that dovetailed on the being laid off during the Recession of 2009. Matt and his co-founder served up their signature sandwiches all around Boulder before finding "The Shack," which was the first storefront that on the first day only had a cashbox and nowhere to even sit. You can see the mural on the wall at the Longmont location that shows the Georgia Boys family outside that location and honors their humble beginnings.


What they now call "The OG Venue" was an instant hit, and it got the word out in a major way to the Longmont community. From that first leap of faith from mobile catering to actually having a venue, then they took the next jump into the Frederick market with their Smokehouse restaurant. Since that location has now been open for a few years, they've expanded to a large space down the block from their original location in Longmont.


Matt walked us through the early days of bookkeeping and staff training to how they had to market differently between their restaurant business and the catering side of things. We also chatted about how they use glossy labels on their sauces, plus new sticker ideas that they have in mind.


Of course near the end, we asked what was next for Georgia Boys, but you'll have to listen in to get that story. Let's just say you're in for even more great barbeque.

A big thanks to Matt for joining us on the Sticker Stories Podcast!

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