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WordCamp Atlanta Stickers 2014

wordcamp atlanta 2014 stickergiant

This week StickerGiant sponsored schwag is making its way to a mighty group of Wordcampers in Atlanta, Georgia who are gathering this weekend to attend their local WordCamp Atlanta.

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

Open to newbies and alumni alike, Wordpressers will spend two days learning tips and tricks, meeting new people, and walk away with a vastly increased understanding around how to leverage this popular CMS.

Don’t miss getting your hands on the event sticker sheets we’ve sent along for the occasion. These full color sticker sheets even made our staff want to swipe a few before they left the shop. Sporting a branded die cut and a couple of fun circular stickers, the sheet designs are reflective of the fun flourishing within the Wordpress weekend-warrior community.

Attending the event and want to order your own nifty collection of custom stickers? Use the coupon code WordcampAtlanta14 and apply $10.00 on us;)

Monday Night Brewing: Loosen Your Tie and Have a Good Beer

Monday Night Brewing round stickers

When I put out a call for a Beer Called Mondays two weeks ago, I had a hunch we'd tap into something sooner or later.

Sure enough, StickerGiant has a client in Atlanta, Georgia that fits the bill perfectly: Monday Night Brewing. Their story is remarkable and inspiring.

Monday Night is a neighborhood craft brewer that specializes in "brewing craft beer for everyone who thinks weekends are overrated" that has its roots in a bible-study group. Their offerings include:

  • Eye Patch Ale - a crisp drinkable IPA with sweet caramel and citrusy flowers

  • Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale - "a dark, malty bombshell of a beer" with a hint of smoke

  • Fu Manbrew - combines Belgian yeast, German hops, and a touch of ginger

Every sticker tells a story, and Monday Night Brewing's custom round sticker delivers its message with just an image. A black and white silhouette over a golden graphic sunset signals the working guy's salute at the end of the day. Drop on by the garage, "loosen your tie and have a good beer."

For more on the Monday Night story, check out this splendid little video ...

Ocean Catering Company

As if the inhabitants of HOTlanta needed another reason to know their city is cool: Ocean Catering Company serves it up like nobody else.
For nearly a decade, Ocean Catering Company has been customizing delicious, innovative cuisine for private parties, corporate functions, wedding receptions, and other social gatherings. As one of Atlanta’s premier caterers, we’ve built our reputation on our meticulous attention to detail. It doesn’t matter if your event is for 20 or 2,000 people – our dedicated team will make sure it’s a memorable occasion. Ocean Catering Company’s diverse collection of menus, featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients, are designed to cater to a wide range of palates. Our kitchen – led by executive chef, Shane McIntosh – can do it all, from Southern to Classic French, Caribbean and even Vegan.

Ocean Catering Company, you had us at "Cajun Eggs Benedict." And if you ever wondered why Mystery Train was such a great movie—other than the fact that Jim Jarmusch is a freaking genius man behind the camera—it has to be because OCC did the catering for cast and crew. Well, maybe Youki Kudoh, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and indie punk rocker-slash-heartthrob Joe Strummer helped a little....but only because they'd had a good breakfast before filming! Most important meal of the day, dontcha know.

WordCamp Atlanta 2012 Sticker Production

If it's 2012, it must be time for more WordPress highjinks: WordCamp Atlanta, to be specific. Are you ready to get sticky in Hotlanta?
WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. WordCamps are open to and users alike.

StickerGiant is a proud sponsor of this event. You guessed it: we printed the stickers!

No word yet on whether or not John Mayer will be manning the coat check. But here's hoping he's available for Seven Minutes in Heaven! Sigh...If only wishing could make it true. He's so dreamy, we'd settle for three minutes.

Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness Center

At Atlanta-based Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness Center—the largest climbing gym in the country—the "community makes the gym:"
Whether you are a beginner or a world-class athlete, we have a climb for you. Stone Summit has walls extending 25 feet to 60 feet high to challenge both your strength and mind, a bouldering room that will not bore even the most fanatical gym rats, a yoga studio to strengthen your body and release your mind of the sometimes stressful world, and spin classes that will get you fit for the next hard climb or for bathing-suit weather.

Uh-oh, bathing suit weather? Already? All of a sudden, we're regretting this winter's A-Donut-A-Day diet strategy. To the gym!