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Suedzville: The Cool Kids Car Club for Kustom Accessories and More

Suedzville stickers by StickerGiant

According to their website, Suedzville doesn't care "if you're a purist, a lowrider, a trailer queen owner, a greaser or a rat rodder." What they do care about, however, is providing kustom accessories for the kulture while looking good 'n classy.

Suedzville was formed way back at the turn of the 21st century in Berkley, Michigan as the brain child of Miguel Maldonado, who wanted to provide high-end quality hot rod accessories and apparel. Ownership has since switched hands, but that doesn't mean you can expect any less from the boys at Suedzville. They still provide kustom parts and accessories for your chariot, no matter how low and sweet, as well as apparel, graphic design, airbrushing, pinstriping and more. Schweet!

To help spread the word about the sick kustoms Suedzville provides, StickerGiant helped create these awesome kustom-made stickers. Black and white and totally classic, just like the products we  expect from a great company. Simple, to the point, and keepin' up with the Joneses, there's pure kustom magic in these stickers.

Check out this sweet vid about making a custom wagon - Radio Flyer, that is! - then click here to get started with your own sweet set of stickers.

Urban Outfitters

If it's fun, if it's groovy, if it makes parents roll their eyes...then it must have come from Urban Outfitters.
Founded in 1970, Urban Outfitters operates more than 130 stores in the United States, Canada and Europe, all offering an eclectic mix of merchandise. We stock our stores with what we love, calling on our — and our customer's — interest in contemporary art, music and fashion. From men's & women's apparel and accessories to items for the apartment, we offer a lifestyle-specific shopping experience for the educated, urban-minded individual in the 18 to 30 year-old range — both online and in our stores as well as through our catalog.

Ah, there's nothing like the realization that you are no longer the target demographic. "Never trust anybody over 30," the kids said in the 60s. And look at them now: Baby Boomers collecting their Social Security and getting their Viagra on.

BTW, that quote has been attributed to everyone from Bob Dylan to Abbie Hoffman. But in reality, Jack Weinberg is on record as saying it first. You know, the UC Berkley student who sat in a cop car for 32 hours straight in protest of free speech violations. No accounting of how many donuts were consumed.