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Burning Man 2015

The Burning Man 2015: A Community Sharing Stickers

Hello, Burners. It's time for Burning Man 2015. This Sunday the dust will be unsettled and the community will kick off events and fun for a week in Black Rock City culminating in the ritual burning of a giant wooden man. The theme this year is "Carnival of Mirrors" and we have seen a ... [Read More]

Matrix Robotics

Coming soon to a basement workshop near you: A fully programmable, LEGO-integrated robot of your own crafting, courtesy of MATRIX Robotics. MATRIX Robotics was created in 2011 by a group of experienced robotics enthusiasts who have spent the past 15 years working and playing with robots. ... [Read More]

Charon by Hudzo

Hudzo is one Peter Hudson, an artist who's "available for large scale kinetic zoetrope art installation for events and festivals worldwide." This guy makes some seriously awe-inspiring sculptures...that move, light up, and trip your expectations. After a two-year hiatus, San ... [Read More]
Custom Rectangle Stickers for Flipside Core Projects printed by StickerGiant

Flipside Core Project

Flipside Core Project is associated with Burning Man event...but we're not sure how, just yet. Mysteries to be revealed soon, we hope. But Burning Man, we've heard of that: raging party, art event, performance, temporary community, spiritual gathering. Never been, but it's always sounded ... [Read More]