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Vape Goddess Raptures Your Taste Buds in Style

Vape Goddess stickers by StickerGiant

Vaping has recently exploded in popularity, and it's no wonder why - there are less harsh chemicals and more flavor combinations available, enhancing your smoking experience beyond the normal parameters of cigarettes and cigars. Vape Goddess specializes in delivering not only the best quality liquids and e-cigs in the business, but also market their brand towards women from all walks of life.

Based in Costa Mesa, California, this busy business is uniquely different than other vape companies. Created by a woman in the industry and intent on using powerful female imagery for their clients, Vape Goddess has created a one-of-a-kind spin on a product that is inherently male in nature and has been going strong since 2013. From gourmet vaping liquids with unusual tastes to premium e-cig accessories, this is your one-stop shop for everything you need to get you vaping in no time!

Because the company uses such sweet imagery, it's no wonder their sticker is just as goddess-like as their name. Written in delicate script with a beautiful flower, the Vape Goddess sticker belies the tough nature of the products - sweet on the outside, powerful and feminine on the inside. How cool is that? Stick this bad boy wherever you want some attention; it's sure to be a conversation starter!

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Warm Your Feet This Winter with XOAB Socks

StickerGiant contributed to the XOAB Kickstarter campaign

New socks feel awesome, we all know that. There's nothing better than slipping your little tootsies into a brand new pair of all-American, handmade Merino wool socks, especially on a fristy-frosty winter morning. XOAB knows how to make that warm wooly feeling stay with you all year long, and they're sharing their secret with you.

According to the XOAB website, their wool is "sheared in America’s western heartland and spun in South Carolina. Long staple cotton from California’s San Joaqin Valley, made into yarn in Georgia. Dyed in Pennsylvania, designed in San Francisco, and knitted into elegant, comfortable socks in the hills of North Carolina." I don't know if there's any definition of Made in America better than that.

XOAB recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and StickerGiant was one of the contributors. We believe in hard work and high-quality products, too, and are happy to support entrepreneurs who have a really great idea that needs to be pushed forward. Our CEO, John Fischer, recently received his perk for contributing to their campaign and, man - these socks are awesome! Funky, quality toe cozies that add a bright pop of color to any outfit. Pretty groovy!

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Craft Vapery Offers Only the Finest in Vaping Accessories

StickerGiant created these awesome stickers for Craft Vapery
Vapeto inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. Vaping has become incredibly popular the last few years, especially as people look for alternatives to cigarettes and other smokeables, and Craft Vapery knows just what you need to get your smoke on.

Headquartered in sunny Beverly Hills, California and working tirelessly to create only the finest vaping experience around, Craft Vapery specializes in their very own life of custom-made hardware, liquids, accessories and quality apparel like shirts, hats and hoodies - oh my! As an added bonus, they offer subscriptions to a hand-curated box of your favorite vaping liquids, delivered straight to your door and packed with love. As a member of Craft Vapery, you also get 5-10% off almost everything in their store, free shipping on orders over $35 (what?!) and exclusive access to giveaways, promotions and limited-run items before everyone else. Schweet!

Craft Vapery is not about flash and bright colors - they're about customer and quality, which is why their custom-made sticker looks just as gentlemanly as they are. A classic two-tone color scheme and subtle website information let people know where you got the goods while piquing the interest of those not in the know. It's definitely a conversation starter!

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Take a Ride on the Wild Side with Crazy Bear Bikes

Crazy Bear Bikes sticker prepared by StickerGiant for promotional item

If the bear went over the mountain to see what he could see, then he obviously did it the hard way - huffing and puffing and tiring himself out before he reached his destination. To get to the best biking and climbing locations in Southern California, Crazy Bear Bikes totally has you covered.

For those that want access to sweet biking trails without the added stress of getting there, hope aboard the Crazy Bear Bus and relax in comfortable style. Based in the Winnetka neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, the bus features air conditioning, super luxe seats, crazy videos and a fridge for your favorite chilled beverages. It can seat up to 14 people (and their bikes) and even has a mobile workshop if you happen to have a bike emergency. They can shuttle you to Glendora Mountain Road, Santa Ana River Trail and several other local trails. If you want to go somewhere not on their shuttle list, just let them know and they'll get you there. Need to go to the airport? Crazy Bear Bikes will drive you in style.

It only stands to reason that their custom sticker would be just as crazy cool as the company themselves, and it doesn't disappoint. Featuring a crazy bear doing stunts on his mountain bike, there's no better representation for what they do than this sticker. Colorful, detailed and super awesome. Who's ready to take on the trails?

Want to know how to get to the top in style? Check out this short video to get a good idea of what Crazy Bear Bikes can do. Ready for your customers to get to the top of your mountain? Click here to get your own crazy awesome stickers!

SweetBricks Candy Wants to Take Your Toffee to the Next Level


If you've got a sweet tooth and haven't tried SweetBricks toffee, you don't know what you're missing! One bite of these delicious treats will have your taste buds singing your praises. The sky will open up. Angels will float down. Is that a harp playing in the background? Seriously, it's that good.

Based in San Diego, California, SweetBricks Toffee is dedicated to handcrafting the finest toffee the world has ever seen, and the three women running the business truly put their heart and soul into each and every piece. If you thought toffee came in one basic flavor, think again! SweetBricks' signature flavor is cookies 'n cream but salted chocolate comes in a close second. Chocolate raspberry, peanut butter chocolate ... can these sweets really get any more decadent? Check your pulse if your mouth isn't already watering for some creamy awesomeness.

When you pop into their shop you'll be treated to white leather couches, custom decorations and the smell of heaven in the air as the toffee is being created. These talented ladies not only know how to have a good time and make great toffee, they've created a simple logo sticker that reminds you to check your candy stash - you don't want to run out! Everything you need to know about the shop is written in black and white. A great sticker for a great company.

Check out this video of the owners of SweetBricks talking about their shop and background, then click here to get your own sweet stickers started!

Wildflower Cases Takes Phone Fun to New Levels


Everyone has an iPhone these days, it seems, from young to old and every age in between. The trick to making the phone cool is a great case, especially one that's as unique as you are, but the ones that you find in the mall are boring and overplayed. For those that are wanting to showcase their phone as a functional accessory, there's Wildflower Cases.

Launched in January 2013 by Michelle Carlson, this edgy case company is based out of Los Angeles, California and strives to make only the coolest cases on the planet, a goal they seem to be reaching in leaps and bounds. Each case is handcrafted using the most unique fabric and materials around; sometimes the fabric has been designed and created by Michelle herself! That's a super cool company, if you ask me.

Wildflower Cases is more than just iPhone cool - they also offer cases for the Samsung Galaxy and are working on expanding their product line to include more phones and awesome fashions. They've just launched a line of henna-inspired cases, too, in addition to their already-awesome selection of funky, cool and totally one-of-a-kind cases. But if you think phone protection is where it ends, think again! Wrist wraps are also available in the same cool designs, as well as a completely cool line of clothing for women. Will the fun never end?

With all you know about Wildflower Cases, it's no wonder they've created stickers just as powerfully awesome as they are. Colorful, tribal, intricate and beautiful by design, these stickers have pure creative essence poured directly into them, and are a work of art in and of themselves. What a great way to advertise!

Here's a video all about their new fall collection that truly captures the company's free spirit. Want to embark on your own adventure but don't know where to start? Click here!