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Comic Book Jones

Sometimes, you just want to be a kid again. Go back to simpler times with rotary phones and skinned knees and loooong summer afternoons. A hand-me-down 7-Up tshirt, Asics Tigers, and cut-offs. Your Schwinn banana seat bike on the sidewalk. And sitting on the front porch with a grape Nehi and a stack of comics. Nowhere to be, nothing to do. Are you crying yet? Settle down, now. There, there. The Jones Family Clan of Comic Book Jones can get you a nostalgia fix and then some.
Plain and simply, we love comics and our goal is to make comics as easily accessible for as many people as humanly possible. As a result, customer service is our #1 priority and our staff is here to help you in any way. Our vast knowledge of everything from the mainstream to the obscure makes answering any questions that you might have that much easier to answer. If you're just getting back into comics or you're a hardcore reader, we are here to help. If we don't have something and you need it, we WILL get it for you by hook or by crook. We serve complimentary coffee and have a lounge where you can sit and talk comics or just plain hang out. It doesn't stop at comics though. We also carry a large variety of toys, gaming merchandise, apparel, statues and other assorted goodies. We hold a variety of different events to make your comic experience that much more enjoyable and rewarding, and we are always open to fresh ideas and new faces.

And if you can't get to Staten Island anytime soon, there's always shopping online. Beats going outside, just in case those upperclassmen bullies are waiting for you. Yeah, remember? See, childhood wasn't all good, either. Careful what you wish for, grasshopper.

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, Evil & Collectors Editions

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life—by the super-talented Bryan Lee O'Malley—is back and better than ever. Released today by Oni Press (TODAY, people! We are ON IT!), fanboys and girls alike will have two special editions to choose from: Evil or Collector's. Search Scott's catalog to choose, and read below for more info.
The highly anticipated COLOR EDITION of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s SCOTT PILGRIM’S PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE will not be the only way for fans of the series to get the re-mastered, re-lettered, and full color debut volume in the SCOTT PILGRIM series. On July 11th, O’Malley and Oni Press will unveil the EVIL EDITION and COLLECTOR’S EDITION versions of PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE. “As much as Scott Pilgrim fans eagerly anticipated the new extras-packed COLOR EDITION books, we knew some would be craving more,” explained Oni Press Operations Director George Rohac. “With the EVIL EDITION and COLLECTOR’S EDITION of the books, we’re giving the true Scott-a-holic some alternatives to sate their hunger.” Both editions will be available only from Oni Press, debuting at their booth (#1833) at Comic-Con International 2012. They will then be available for order at on August 8th, 2012. The EVIL EDITION sports a new cover from O’Malley featuring Ramona’s first evil-ex, Matthew Patel. The limited-to-1000 COLLECTOR’S EDITION provides fans a deluxe package with a ton of exclusive goodies.

Of course this could only happen at Comic-Con, aka the Nerdvana that's been rallying graphic story lovers since 1970. This year's fun-fest is sold out, natch. And lest you think this is child's play, Comic-Con is a really big deal. Last year's attendance: over 126,000 people with money in their pockets and Tweets a-plenty.

Photo credit: Charlie Chu, Oni Press.

Tony Pitch Comics

Is Tony Pitch Comics the only online comic about soccer? Could cool is that? We're loving the high energy feeling of this manga-styled cyber strip. It's almost like you're on the field! But, you know, you're on the field and good at the sport your parents made you sign up for—and not a bench rider like some people we know. *ahem*
On or off the field Tony Pitch eats, sleeps, and breaths the North Park Warriors. No matter what is happening he just can't get the game of soccer out of his mind. His family thinks he has been lost forever but his dad tells him often "Just practice and keep up your grades and focus on your goals." His life revolves around soccer and that's what he lives for. This is about his voyage….. the trials and tribulations that all student athletes go through to fulfill their goals. Every athlete who has been successful endures many of the things that Tony and his team will undergo. His adventures will inspire and show you absolute real life situations as well as teach proper soccer techniques. Welcome to the exciting, dynamic journey of Tony Pitch and the North Park Warriors.

Go, team! WWCBGT? (what would Comic Book Guy think?) You know, Comic Book Guy. The well-fed, fourth wall-breaking, Klingon-speaking, socially challenged character on The Simpsons who's smarter than you. Voiced by the amazingly talented and easy-on-the-eyes Hank Azaria, he's one of our favorite characters on the longest-running show in America. Because, you know, we've all met someone just like him!