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Vital Industries Custom Diecut Bicycle Sticker

Vital Industries one-color diecut sticker

Vital Industries is a Denver, Colorado-based Maker's studio that loves bicycles and specializes in screen printing custom artwork on clothing, glassware, and lots of other sweet goodies. Their crisp two-wheeled line art has found its way onto totes, towels, blankets, and posters.

We love their deliciously deep red custom die cut stickers. The white line work jumps from the solid background while the die-cut follows the contours of the bike, leaving space between the wheels for their logotype and locale. There's a wonderful elegance in their simplicity.

Vital's Bicycle Pint Glasses are one of their most popular offerings. The glasses are available in a rainbow of print colors: Berry, Bluebird, Burgundy, Charcoal, Green, Gold, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White, and Yellow.

Vital also offers a line of custom printed glassware in a range of monogram styles and colors, as well as custom-printed beer bottles for the home brew enthusiast. Super Cool!

Every sticker tells a story here at StickerGiant. We'd love to share yours!

Blue Lab Brewing's Sticker Pops with a Custom Die-Cut

Blue Lab Brewery's custom die-cut sticker

Take a look at this super sweet sticker we recently printed for The Blue Lab Brewing Company. Notice how the steel badge extends over the bottle cap's circular edge? That's a nifty little touch. An average shop would offer a circular shape as standard fare. Going off the menu for a special job like this would pump up the cost. Our fully digital process allowed us to use a custom die-cut for a subtle effect that makes the sticker jump without breaking the bank.

Ready to pop the cap on a cold one? Head on over to Blue Lab ...

The Blue Lab Brewery was just voted Best of Virginia for a sterling cast of delightful liquid refreshments that includes IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, Irish Red, and Hefeweizen. Blue Lab is located in Lexington, not far from US Interstate 81 and can be found at 123 South Randolph Street.

Be sure to stop in for a Summer Blond before the kids go back to school!

Which brings us to our weekly trivia question (on a classy blonde note) ...

StickerGiant isn't a normal sticker printer. Normal sticker printers offer mundane standard die-cuts as the norm and boring packing tape, but we're proud to be Abby Normal.

Q: Which actor did not appear in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein:

  • Gene Wilder

  • Teri Garr

  • Peter Boyle

  • Harvey Korman

  • Marty Feldman

  • Madeline Kahn

  • Gene Hackman








A: Although Harvey Korman starred in Blazing Saddles, he did not appear in Young Frankenstein.

The Examiner Hops To It!'s Die Cut Bunny Rabbit Sticker

Looking for an outlet to share your great content with the world? Check out is a content destination powered by over 100,000+ independent contributors. Every week our contributors post thousands of informative and entertaining articles designed to feed your curiosity on the subjects that you crave.

Examiner first hopped out of the bunny hutch back in 2008. They've experienced phenomenal growth over the past five years and rank as one of the Top 100 websites, with more than 37 million visitors per month (according to ComScore). Their achievement has been enabled by a huge flock of content providers. The die-cut bunny rabbit sticker that we recently printed for the folks at pays tribute to that growth ... they've grown by leaps and bounds!

Which brings us to today's trivia question, it being Tuesday and all ...

The Examiner is owned by the Anschutz Corporation.

Q. Which of these sports franchises isn't owned by Anschutz?

  • The LA Kings (NHL)

  • The LA Galaxy (MLS)

  • The LA Lakers (NBA)

  • The Houston Dynamo (MLS)

  • Real Madrid (La Liga)








A. Real Madrid is supported-owned by a group of over 60,000 socios.




Phil Lewis Art's Custom Die-Cut Stickers are Howlin' Great!

Phil Lewis Art's super cool custom die cut wolf sticker

Accurately reproducing an artist's work is one of the most important things we do here at StickerGiant.

The custom die-cut wolf sticker we recently printed for Boulder artist Phil Lewis is a perfect case in point. The artwork was incredibly complex and filled with intricate line work and deep saturated colors.

Phil pencils his artwork freehand and inks the fine lines with Pigma Micron pens. Once the black and white line work is done, Phil scans the artwork and prints out a clean copy. The color work is done with Sharpies and other markers.

After the color work is complete, Phil scans the artwork into Photoshop again and goes to town with a Wacom drawing tablet. Brightness and contrast are adjusted, colors are reworked and the black lines are redrawn. The Burn tool is used to add shading and depth for a 3D look.

We added just a tiny bit of magic once the artwork was on our system. Our digital process enables a smooth die cut that enhances the three-dimensional effect, insuring that the sticker will visually pop off whatever surface it'sapplied to.

Kick back and watch Phil create The Buffalo ...

Would you keep a wolf as a pet? I know folks that do and have to admit that the whole idea makes me a little antsy. But the idea of having an Ant Farm makes more worse than antsy ... it makes me itchy. Thinking about having a small herd of buffalo roaming the south forty, on the other hand, makes me want to whistle a happy tune.

Psycho Baits' Sticker Jumps With Custom Die-Cuts

Psycho Baits sticker.

Summertime and the living is easy. Fish are jumping ...

Psycho Baits' new oval stickers hooks 'em up with a custom die cut that gets their logo leaping out of the water. You know we love 'em big and bold, and the Psycho logo fits the bill with bright primary colors. Hypnotizing yellow type with a scratchy black outline blasts over the red oval background. The big white Y bait icon is why this one really stands out, with the head and tail poking off off the red oval. A nice thick white outline surrounds the entire sticker to get it bouncing off the paint on your tailgate.

Better slap this one on the back of your fish-findin' vehicle, not the front, otherwise the fish will see you comin'!

Freshwater, Saltwater, Psycho's got it covered. They have a wild array of wonderfully wiggly critters, starting with Grubs, Minnows, Worms, Jigs and Stix. There's a creepy crawly creature to please every fish's palette: Shrimp, Eels, Beetles, Lizards, Frogs, and Craws, you name it. So tasty!

What's that? You have work to do?

No week is too full that you can't fit in a few hours of fishing ...

Montana Colors: Hardcore Paint

Mtn Colors

Grandmom might love her pastels and watercolors, but retro's not your thing. If you want to say it with color right now, you've gotta spray it. Montana Colors to the rescue, with their line of boutique spray paints and markers for today's artists.

The medium's the message and it's gone maximum. Montana's Hardcore rattlecans are capable of spreading 32 square feet of color and designed to accept a range of caps for different widths and effects. Want to lay it down with a NY Skinny or an Astro fat cap? You're covered.

The 94 line provides a whopping 147 matte colors to choose from. You won't find that at your local hardware store. With a range that wide, you're able to create unparalleled shading effects. They say it smells like vanilla. (I'd throw in a line about the sweet smell of success, but that would be too corny.)

This awesome Montana custom-die cut sticker pays homage to, well, you know who. Get some hardcore paint, get your thrash on, get out there and create.

Rattle can artwork isn't the wave of the future. It's what's here now.