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Codence Custom Stickers Provide A Rallying Cry For Their Team

Codence is on a mission to help companies unlock data, root out inefficiency, improve processes and leverage great software that grows the bottom line. For years, Codence has worked closely with clients of all sizes and in all industries to build robust, flexible FileMaker solutions. ... [Read More]

Hair Dessert Can Never Be Too Sweet

  Wake up. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Choose your hair accessories. Wait - what? Yes, you heard that right. Hair accessories are a happy, fun addition to your look and Hair Dessert is here to help add a dash of sweet glam whenever possible. Started in 2013, Hair Dessert is ... [Read More]
Custom shaped stickers for the Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve Printed by StickerGiant

Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve

[Editor's Note: The website for Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve is no longer operational, but we've preserved their sticker story.] If you ever find yourself in Belize at the Spanish Creek Rainforest Reserve, you'd better be ready for hard work. And maybe pack some bug spray. But the ... [Read More]