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Meet Sara From Our Finance Team

Get to know Sara from our Finance Team at StickerGiant. She is known for her laughter and it's very contagious. She also has jokes for days! Hello, Sara! Tell Us Your Story! Hi my name is Sara, and this is my Sticker Story. Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I currently live ... [Read More]

Adobe Custom Stickers Ask Designers to Color Outside the Lines

To promote the official release of the new Adobe Color web experience ( on May 7th, the Adobe Color team printed these stickers as a giveaway for the launch event at the 99U conference in New York City. By picking a small, bold piece of marketing collateral, they were able ... [Read More]

Can Shaped Sticker Shares the Kure’s Craft Beverage Co. Story

Kure’s Craft Beverage Co. is a canned beverage company out of Loveland, Colorado, that's growing locally with their point-of-purchase distribution in craft beer venues where they are a non-alcoholic drink alternative and a mixer for craft cocktails. For this die cut sticker, the ... [Read More]