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What Does StickerGiant Do?

StickerGiant - a look inside where the magic happens

That's a good question, and one you might have asked yourself before: "What, exactly, does StickerGiant do?" You know us for our stellar reputation as the Kings of Stickerdom and our outstanding sticker production, sure ... but what other goodies lurk behind the scenes?

Well, it's simple. We do two things: print really cool stickers for awesome people (like you!) and provide you with a super website filled with all things stickers. Like our name says, we are giants in the sticker world and want you to be happy with your purchase. From rolled stickers to product labels to business cards and more, we have virtually everything you'll need to run a successful marketing campaign...or to just have some cool sticker schwag for your own delight and amusement.

Check out this video of StickerGiant's head honcho, John Fischer, explaining just what it is StickerGiant does for its customers then get ready to start your custom sticker order today!

Check Out How Stickers Have Helped These Small Businesses

StickerGiant small business stickers

So you have a business, and you'd like to make sure people know you have a business. After all, that's probably the main reason you struck out on your own, right? To get enough customers so you have a thriving enterprise.

There are so many marketing tactics you can try, some more expensive than others and with various degrees of effectiveness, so we've made the decision simple and are showcasing case studies from some successful small businesses that have used custom stickers to make it big.

Southern California Motorcycle Association and their stickers have made marketing simple and relevant

When the Southern California Motorcycle Association wanted to advertise their exclusive USA Four Corners ride, they turned to sticker marketing to get the job done.  At the end of each race, those who had completed the competition and had their entry recorded were given a sticker of completion. Those stickers indicated to fellow riders you had the soul, grit and tough endurance to ride for sport, and quickly became the most sought-after recognition SCMA has ever had.


WordCamps are the number one place to for everything WordPress, and also the best place to see new brands and businesses showcased via laptop stickers. 9seeds was formed to help small businesses and bloggers get the most out of the WordPress platform, and founder John Hawkins was often a keynote speaker at the Camps.

9 seeds speaks at workcamps with stickers

When his company officially launched in 2009, Hawkins had stickers made for customers and clients. He started to see them show up on laptop cases at WordCamps, and realized what a large, untapped market he could take by storm; his strategy became business card + sticker, and helped his business boom.

Custom stickers can be used for a number of things, and using them for marketing is just one creative way to gain a great reputation. Do you want to see your small business skyrocket to the top? Click here to get your own awesome stickers!

Shop Smarter, Not Harder With T-Shirt Labels

T-shirt Labels made by StickerGiant

Trying on clothes can be a frustrating process, no doubt about it, especially if you go to a new store. So many racks of shirts! So many shelves of pants! Add in the fact that many shirts come tagged with several different labels that it can be hard to discern the exact information you need in a quick manner. It's just a shirt - not rocket science!

That's where t-shirts labels come in handy. These clever little stick 'ems can be added to apparel tags as a fast and easy way to find out what you need in a snap. Let's say the store you're at has a strange sizing method. Not everyone goes by the small-medium-large charts and might come up with their own unique ways of stating sizes. This can be super confusing and frustrating, but a quick little sticker over the size or on the front of the shirt lets customers know exactly what to expect, making your shopping trip just as fabulous as you are!

Stickers are a great way to engage with customers, especially if the sticker is fun and informative. You can make a cutesy sticker advertising your brand or a serious sticker providing facts and figures. You can make it bright and colorful, or black and white. The t-shirt label in the picture let's you know that shirt has some serious Phish factor, which brings an ordinary shirt to life with a new label and meaning. Fantastic!

Do you have an idea for t-shirt or apparel stickers? Let us know by clicking here, and we promise to start working on making your dreams a reality!



How To Increase Leads & Sales Using Custom Stickers To Entice Your Target Audience

How To Increase Leads & Sales Using Custom Stickers To Entice Your Target Audience

Businesses and brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract more attention from their target audience. Even if you are aggressive with your online and off-line marketing, you and your competitors are often using similar tools and resources.

To differentiate yourself, it's important to get creative and think outside the box—and an excellent way to do this is by creating custom stickers.

When I say custom stickers, don’t think of the cheap and cute stickers your kids play with—instead think of colorful, one-of-a-kind, highly artistic, branded stickers.

How Can Custom Stickers Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Custom stickers can be utilized in a variety of ways: as perks for new and existing clients, as an advertising method, and as a way to commemorate a special event.

Our stickers are well-crafted, and won’t be thrown away with ease like your business cards or flyers—meaning they become a constant reminder of your business, brand, product, event, or promotion.

5 Reasons Why Custom Stickers Are The Perfect Way To Market Your Business

  1. Brand-Building Tool—Custom stickers can be used to spread the word about your brand. Even if your sticker is nothing more than your logo, it is a memorable way to keep you top of mind.

  2. It’s Unexpected—Your target audience has grown to expect the same type of advertising and marketing from you, or from your industry. Custom stickers are unique and unexpected, making them more memorable.

  3. Increases Exposure—Custom stickers can be added to mailings, gift bags, handed out at the register, local fairs, and events, and added to donation contributions you distribute in the community.

  4. Increases Customer Engagement—It’s rare that your customers will talk to you about an ad or flyer that they saw for your business, but your custom stickers will get them talking about you—both to you and to others!

  5. They Be Exclusive Or Collectible—If you are looking to created limited edition or seasonal company paraphernalia, consider custom stickers. You could have a slightly different sticker produced annually, on a seasonal basis, or for special events. Even if these stickers are simply different variations of your logo—they can become highly collectable for your diehard fans.

While some companies may turn to pens and notepads—custom stickers are more memorable and much more fun!

There are numerous ways you can utilize custom stickers for new marketing endeavors—and in your current day-to-day operations.

Promotional product marketing is a must for any brand or business looking to gain expedient exposure, and stickers provide the following benefits:

  • They support your efforts to create a brand, not just a business.

  • They are an inexpensive, yet impactful way to grow your business—both for new and existing clients.

  • They are a marketing tool that can be distributed a variety of ways.

  • They allow you to get back to the basics with one-on-one engagement.

  • With proper placement and planning. Your custom stickers can quickly spread throughout your community.

  • Your custom stickers can even replace your business cards.

And yes, adults too enjoy a fun sticker that reminds them of their favorite brands and products.

Sometimes we overcomplicate things—and in turn get in our own way. With custom stickers you can simplify your marketing efforts to increase brand awareness within your target audience. If you are ready to enhance your marketing with custom stickers you can do so today by connecting with a member of our expert StickerTeam here at StickerGiant to help create your customized marketing tools.

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Jess Keeps it Hidden


Name & Position:
Jess, Custom Sticker Specialist

Time with Sticker Giant:
5 months (as of January 2013)

Best part of the job:
Getting to see so many creative ideas :)

Crawford, Georgia

Hidden talent:
Can't tell, its hidden

Cake or pie?

Number one item on my bucket list:
Staying in glass igloo in Finland

Favorite season and why:
Summer - hate being cold!!

Cats or Dogs?

Last movie I watched/book I read was:
Movie: Lincoln. Book: Life After Death by Damien Echols

Favorite use for a sticker:
I like to put them on my water bottles.

Prediction for 2013:
To be an important part of a thriving organization.



The Drumheller DinoArts Association is Dino-riffic!


The town of Drumheller, Alberta bills itself as the Dinosaur Capital of the World. Leading the charge, the non-profit Drumheller DinoArts Association is "committed to promoting and enhancing the dinosaur sculptures and murals throughout Drumheller."

Drumheller is located in the heart of the Badlands and was incorporated as a village nearly a century ago, back in 1913. That's sixty-five years before Bruce Springsteen released Badlands on The Darkness on the Edge of Town, if you're counting. Not that Bruce is a dinosaur, or anything.

Badlands you gotta live it every day
Let the broken hearts stand
As the price you've gotta pay
Well keep pushin' till it's understood
And these badlands start treating us good

The Drumheller Valley was the tropical home to dinosaurs, 70 million years ago, including the local favorite Albertasaurus. Think our current climate change dilemma makes for tough living?

The Badlands did treat the dinosaurs well for quite some time. But the dinosaurs disappeared with the Ice Age, and years later, the melting glaciers formed the Red Deer River Valley. Today's residents enjoy an area rich in oil, agricultural resources, and tourism, with the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.