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Steamboat Soccer Club

Steamboat Soccer Club

What do the kids in Steamboat do when it’s not snowing? They play soccer, of course! Since 1984, the Steamboat Soccer Club (SSC) has provided quality youth soccer programs for all levels of players, from the beginner to the advanced. With over 600 players in the club from 5-18 years old, there are opportunities for everyone on recreational and competitive soccer teams, with the competitive teams playing in the Colorado Youth Soccer (CYS) or the Western Slope Soccer League (WSSL).

The club's priority is to foster athletic and social development of each player and team. Due to the small size of the SSC, teams are often comprised of players with a wide variety of abilities, goals, interests, and commitments.

SSC will focus on the development of the individual player using age appropriate training methods to create the 'complete player.' The complete player excels in four major areas of concentration: technical ability, tactical intelligence, physical attributes, and psychological elements. By developing the complete player, the team will be made up of players who work together to achieve team goals.

An extra Steamboat Soccer Club sticker or two can really come in handy. The SSC encourages their parents “to support their player and team in a fashion that breeds a positive and respectful learning environment.” Everyone knows a soccer mom or dad or two that’s prone to get a little too enthusiastic from time-to-time. If they want to scream at the players, let ‘em buy tickets to a Rapids game. :) Srsly.

Three-Eared Dog

Three Eared Dog

When you think of great blues bands, you think Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans ... not Missoula, Montana. Right? Well keep your ears and eyes out for a Ford Aerostar with a wicked patina rolling under the Big Sky, belting out the “Gas Station Blues.” The three young gents in Three-Eared Dog first convened in Missoula, and it seems like they’ve been living a clean life, never you mind the blistering electric blues they belt out. There’s not a Jake among them (although Jordan might have a wee bit of Elwood’s sneer).

Representing the next generation of the blues, Three-Eared Dog harnesses the raw energy of the electric blues and uses it to plow fresh fields. With influences and experiences from all over the musical spectrum and a fresh take on the old power trio formula, these young musicians focus their formidable talents on reinventing old standards as well as crafting original material with lyrics that propel the emotion of the blues into the 21st century. With a revolving lineup featuring the regions best horn players, vocalists, and keyboardists, Three-Eared Dog puts on a powerful performance that will leave you with the knowledge that the blues are in very capable hands.

Three-Eared-Dog’s logo might look like Marmaduke’s offspring if he lived down river from Mr. Burns’ nuclear plant, but serves as a simple reminder that these cats crank out 50% more mojo than the average band. If you dig Stevie Ray, Jimi, the Allmans, you’re not even halfway there.


Any company that lists "making you happy" in its array of services is alright with us. And we're not just saying that because these guys are our neighbors in Boulder. TruFuel is a digital media production house that delivers the goods, one well-designed pixel at a time.
We are: A digital media agency. You need: Imaginative and dynamic digital media applications to promote your products and engage your customers. We’ve got: An infusion of creativity from animation and online games to videos, music, microsites and more.

Wonder what fuels these guys when they're working late? A great night's sleep beforehand? A couple of laps around the foosball table? Nah...we're guessing coffee. One of nature's most potent elixirs, it's the second most traded commodity in the world. We're just glad it's legal. Did you know that Kermit the Frog used to shill for the stuff? Kind of shocking to see America's reptilian sweetheart being so violent, isn't it?

Know Your StickerGiant: Meet Robb

In keeping with our “Know your StickerGiant” theme, allow us to introduce Robb. He’s the guy who makes the stickers go out on time, as ordered, looking good, to our happy customers. We asked what sinks his battleship, and this is what he told us.

Name & Position:  Robb D., Production Manager

Time with StickerGiant:  4 years (I think??)

Best part of the job?  Running a very tight ship and having lots of fun with my crew doing it!

Hometown:  I'm a proud-born hilljack from Lyons, Colorado.

Hidden talent:  .sdrawkcab llew yrev etirw nac I

Cake or pie?  Candy!

Number one item on my bucket list?  To spend a year on a deserted island.

Favorite season and why?  Fall, for wild weather, Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving—all in a row.

Cats or dogs?  Dogs...and snakes.

The last movie I watched/book I read was:  A nonstop Lord of The Rings Trilogy fest during 2 days of rain.

Favorite use for a sticker?  As a makeshift Band-Aid.

Prediction for 2012?  Alien disclosure.


BIll Hicks Statue

As one of the so-called Outlaw comics of the 80s and 90s, the late Bill Hicks wielded a dark brand of funny. Which of course meant that his scathing insights, biting witticisms, and hilarious observations were maligned, misunderstood, and censored to the point of ridiculousness. For the record, we've always found the man's work to be nothing short of side-splittingly funny.

The good-hearted folks behind the Bill Hicks Memorial Statue agree...and are seeking to enshrine Hicks' legacy for generations to come.
Bill Hicks is revered throughout the world as many things - legend, truthsayer, shaman, philosopher, and many more.  Bill was a rare breed of human; A guy that comes along once in a lifetime to challenge us to be better. He made you think, he kept you on the edge of your seat, and he was completely fearless. He's one of the few comedians that is still relevant almost 20 years after being taken from the world too soon, and his legacy grows every day. Yet, there does not stand a single monument in the world to him.  Bill began his comedy career in Houston at the now defunct Comedy Workshop on San Felipe and Shepherd. A statue to permanently pay homage to him in the city where he began his journey would solidify his legacy.  This statue would serve as a symbol to remember the past and everything Bill gave us, but also as a reminder for the future generations to seek knowledge around every corner.

Now we hope you're not expecting us to be funny here today, are you? Seriously, that's like asking someone to whip up a fabulous meal for Julia Child with only a Bunsen burner. So we'll leave you with this oft-stolen Hicks standard. "Keith Richards outlived Jim Fixx, the runner and health nut. The plot thickens." Hmmmm.


OMG! You guys? Did you know that a hat is not just a hat? Like, your brother sports a snapback but your boo wears a scully? And your Pops wears one of those totes lame O.M. (old man) fisherman lids? But your supa dupa fly BFF rocks the gimme trucker cover and you really wish she'd quit?

Snapsteez  knows what's cool:
Snapsteez is a boutique specializing in carrying vintage and retro snapbacks and beanies. Based out of Dallas, TX, the company was launched by two young entrepreneurs during the summer of 2010 and has since seen significant growth. Snapsteez has been featured on Karmaloops’ exclusive member only boutique,, leading fashion media publication GQ Magazine and participates in various events around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Ammirite? You have to go with the old-skool threads to really step out. You know what's so fresh like, right now? Patches. For realz! This older girl's big sister's sorority sister's insanely hot man candy was rocking a killer toque covered in patches at that one music festival? It was CoachellaBurningBonarooLolla?  Or whatevs. It was soooo cool, you guys. He looked like that one O.M. from that old-timey movie? Dazed? Confused? 'Tevs. This hottie had it going ON. Best successorizing, like EVER.