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Tom Sticker Story

Meet Tom: Account Manager, Broncos Fan and StickerGiant Barista

Get to know Tom, a long-time fixture here in the StickerGiant front office. His business is all about helping people find the right sticker for their story. When he's not delighting customers, he's cheering on his beloved Broncos. For real, when this guy gets a paper cut, he bleeds orange ... [Read More]

Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Lily

Day to day, we work hard to get you custom stickers and labels super fast. To do this, we work as a team to get all incoming orders through our shop and out the door quickly. Our goal as a company is to provide an outstanding customer experience. One of our Customer Service Ninjas who is ... [Read More]

Meet Anna: Sticker Expert

Learn a little more about the StickerGiant Team. Meet Anna, one of StickerGiant’s Sticker Experts, assisting with the many custom sticker and label orders processed every day. Chances are some of you have met her in your past ordering experiences. Anna is responsible for assisting ... [Read More]

3 Steps to Great Customer Service

One core value at StickerGiant is great customer service. Thanks to Zingerman’s and their dead simple Zing Train system, we have a terrific recipe to follow. For those that have not heard of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB), this group is a family of eight businesses ... [Read More]

Jennifer, Custom Sticker Specialist

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do at StickerGiant? My name is Jennifer and I'm a customer service superstar. Where do you live and why do you enjoy Colorado?  I live in Longmont and I love the 300 days of sunshine a year! What was your worst job? Ice Cream ... [Read More]