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Why Sticker Sheets Make for Ideal Event Swag


When organizing a successful annual event, leaving attendees and sponsors with a lasting impression is of the utmost importance. Event organizers from Wordcamp Chicago have found that stuffing event goodie bags are a great way to send a little extra love to their fans and supporters, which is why many event planners (and sponsors) print custom sticker sheets to inspire attendees. Value added merch like custom event stickers are a lasting promotional product for the following five reasons.


  1. Brand identity

If you're like many event organizers, you took great care in promoting your event by uniquely branding the experience from print materials to online presence. An event logo identity creates the perfect theme from which to generate brand recognition.

We recently had the pleasure of working with designers BirdDog Press who helped develop a logo for Lyons Homecoming, an event fundraiser that in part raised almost $35,000.00 for flood victims. The event organizers could not think of a better way to solidify their image to attendees than by printing custom sticker sheets. Tailor your event stickers to align with the design, color and vibe of your event – including co-branding them with sponsors – to give your sticker swag an element of personality.

  1. Sponsorship customization

Want to nurture the sponsors behind the success of your event so that they come back next year? Give them a lasting promotional shout out by printing a custom sticker. Customer and tech publication Xconomy did just that last month when we printed stickers for an annual sponsor appreciation dinner.

Custom sticker sheets allow you the ease of displaying multiple logo designs on a single sheet, making it a no brainer for you to enhance positive business collaboration with a sponsor for many events to come. Be innovative with the design and think of unique ways to showcase your strategic partnerships in a way that will provide mutual benefit.

  1. Attendee personalization

If you really want your event sticker sheets to make an impression, identify your market segments (moms, runners, music lovers, tech geeks, etc) and personalize a sticker design and branding that will speak to their passions. This added flourish gives your event personality and encourages a sense of fan identity within your group of event attendees.

  1. Trendy sticker design 

Printing sticker sheets are a trendy way to show your branding savvy. The die-cut sticker design requires no set-up fees and the ease with which you can cut unique shapes and sizes makes it easy to give your fans a one-of-a-kind sticker product experience. Even if you are merely looking for a simple design, other custom sticker and label products are available that are sure to fit your needs.

  1. Affordable product

Perhaps the best part about printing a custom sticker product to compliment your event promotion is how easy it can be to factor them into your event budget. Sticker sheets are a great way to show your event attendees a little extra appreciation without breaking the bank. The lasting return on investment you will see from sponsors and fans alike is well worth the spend.

“Our community of gamers is expanding…” —STICKER Story Josef Kulovany, Stealth Machines


Josef Kulovany is Founder at Stealth Machines: a custom gaming computer company out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

They know gaming computers. Stealth Machines assembles high powered gaming computers by hand. Their quality gaming computers have received acclaim near and far. Stealth Machine's hands-on approach to customer service sets them apart, but perhaps their most differentiating market feature is their five-year warranty.

Q&A with Josef Kulovany

What do people really dig about your product/services?:
Our customers like our no-nonsense attitude, quality customer support, industry-leading warranty period, and of course we know gaming. Our website is easy to use, our community of gamers is ever-expanding, and our soon-to-be -released NightHawk computer case is sure to be a big success... especially with our new Vinyl logo stamped on the front of it!

Who are the awesome people behind the curtain at your company/project and what do they do?:

Josef - Owner - Everything else not done by our awesome staff

Ed - Lead System Builder - Puts the computers together and answers the phone

Damon- System Builder - Put the computers together

Nick - Marketing Guru - Helps us with all things marketing, including stickers!

Joel- Designer - designs everything for us, including our stickers!

Amitav- Webmaster

Stefan - Product Designer - Helped come up with the NightHawk computer case, and future manufacturing projects

Pablo - Engineer - Helps finalize the work produced by Stefan

Why/How do you use stickers as a marketing or outreach tactic?: 

Stickers are a cost-effective way to promote our product via the most effective marketing method... word of mouth. When we give our customers stickers with the computers we build, they love them, they stick them, and then everyone who sees the stickers finds out about us!

Stickers are also a vital method of branding our computer cases. Using StickerGiant's unique Die Cut , mirror finish vinyl, we are able to use the space on our finished product to advertise our brand whilst simultaneously improving the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

What advice would you give to a company thinking about using stickers as a marketing tactic to wow their fans. What has worked for you, what hasn't, etc?: 

Stickers are great for branding the finished product, as extra goodies to include with the finished product, and for general promotional purposes. When we took your stickers to the PAX East convention in Boston, the stickers were a smash hit!

Can you leave links to your social media outlets so that our community can get social with you?:



White Girl Salsa Makes for A Sassy Custom Sticker


We recently met artisanal salsa company White Girl Salsa (Editor's Note: White Girl Salsa is now known as Winking Girl Salsa) at a local TEDx Boulder event and we were stoked when they called us up to order these custom die cut stickers. Already flavor fans of this trendy salsa brand, we were excited to see how well these uniquely contoured stickers, featuring their awesome retro salsa gal, turned out.

White Girl Salsa has been distributing its cheeky recipe bursting with bold taste since 2009. And with a name like White Girl Salsa, this product aims to turn some heads. The inspiration behind the name comes from founder Julie Nirvelli, who uncovered the creative tongue and cheek reference after impressing Latino friends with her sassy version of  tomatillo salsa. The story goes that after licking their fingers clean, Julies' harshest critics lovingly called her recipe ‘White Girl Salsa’ and the name became permanent. With a whole range of flavors to fit any palate, what's not to love?


White Girl Salsa currently offers 5 varieties of our fresh-tasting, vegan, gluten-free, tomatillo-based salsa:

  • Mild Tomatillo

  • Medium Tomatillo

  • Hot Tomatillo

  • Smokey Chipotle

  • Cranberry Mango

Perhaps one of the best things about this company is that Head Honcho Julie Nirvelli, is a female entrepreneur whose unique business sense set her apart in the market place from the start. After spending time in her youth around high achieving businesses ventures, Julie had no doubt that she would one day start a company of her own.

White Girl Salsa took a big leap into the local food market just two and half years ago and has since expanded into RealSimple.com, won Naturally Boulder’s coveted Pitch Slam contest, was featured on Cooking with Paula Deen in “Paula’s Kitchen Helpers.” made a spot on KMGH Channel 7 with Gabby Gourmet, made WGS in the Denver Business Journal, was touted in Denver Food Examiner as one of the “few excellent salsas,” made 5280 Magazine’s e-newsletter, Table Talk.

Julie’s business savvy is experienced through her dedication to providing a customer experience with an emphasis on the wow factor--from branding, to purchasing, to taste.


 “Head Honcho” Julie Nirvelli



Climb Onboard the Body Art Bus!

Body Art Bus

Looking for something completely different for your next backyard barbeque? Something to set your party off from every other party on the block this summer?

Have you considered hiring a mobile tattoo parlor? If you're in Southern California, you're in luck.

The Body Art Bus rolls out of Fallbrook and is SoCal’s only fully licensed mobile tattoo studio. This is not some sketchy rusted out van you'll find down by the river. It's modded from stem to stern and covered in awesome artwork, guaranteed to scare and inspire the kids. Step inside and you're in another world ...

The black and white line artwork on the Body Art Bus skull sticker is truly superb. The red lettering jump off the patch on the skull's trucker hat, straight into your eyeballs. The die-cut is to die for ... it ensures that the image will levitate off whatever surface it's stuck to.

Hats off to Joey, Jordan, Anthony, and Josh for seeing the bigger picture ...

We believe that giving back to the community in our own, unique way is something that is very important for people to realize that we are not just tattoo artists, but we are real people with kids, families, and friends and a community that we can benefit.

Before you consider having a tattoo party, be sure to check out this public service announcement:

Panther Hawk Flies Proudly

Panther Hawk

This Panther Hawk sticker is another great example of how our digital die-cutting process can really make your designs pop. Conventional die cutting is costly and time-consuming. There's no waiting for a die to be made with our gear. It's so push-button awesome that George and Judy Jetson would be blown away.

You might mistake this for an embroidered patch on a military flight jacket, at first glance. The combination of script and condensed gothic sans serif typography, along with a limited two color palette delivers maximum impact. Simply put, the custom die cut does justice to this snarling design.

Imagine, if you will, the difference between this design on a rectangular sticker versus the die-cut. In your mind's eye, picture the two stickers next to each other on the trunk lid of a muscle car or hot rod. The die-cut design looks like it was meant to be there, while a rectangular design might look like it was slapped on.


Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut Stickers

The Difference Between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers.
Die Cutting is the process of cutting your sticker into a certain shape or design by the use of a sharp steel ruled stamp, roller, or highly pressurized blade.
Here are some examples of Die Cut stickers. Every sticker is cut out all the way so that each one has a durable backing. These are a little more expensive than kiss cut stickers and the price will go up as the complexity of the cut increases.
Kiss Cutting is a form of die cutting where a very light impression cuts through the vinyl, not through the backing material.
Here are some Kiss Cuts stickers. They usually come on sheets like the first two but you can get them many different ways including single sheets and on rolls.
Now you know the difference between Die Cut and Kiss cut stickers.
Thanks for watching!