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Why Sticker Sheets Make for Ideal Event Swag

When organizing a successful annual event, leaving attendees and sponsors with a lasting impression is of the utmost importance. Event organizers from Wordcamp Chicago have found that stuffing event goodie bags are a great way to send a little extra love to their fans and supporters, ... [Read More]

White Girl Salsa Makes for A Sassy Custom Sticker

We recently met artisanal salsa company White Girl Salsa (Editor's Note: White Girl Salsa is now known as Winking Girl Salsa) at a local TEDx Boulder event and we were stoked when they called us up to order these custom die cut stickers. Already flavor fans of this trendy salsa brand, we ... [Read More]
Custom Kiss Cut Stickers for the Body Art Bus in California - Stickers from StickerGiant

Climb Onboard the Body Art Bus!

Looking for something completely different for your next backyard barbeque? Something to set your party off from every other party on the block this summer? Have you considered hiring a mobile tattoo parlor? If you're in Southern California, you're in luck. The Body Art Bus rolls ... [Read More]
Love It Kill It Panther Hawk - Custom Shaped Stickers

Panther Hawk Flies Proudly

This Panther Hawk sticker is another great example of how our digital die-cutting process can really make your designs pop. Conventional die cutting is costly and time-consuming. There's no waiting for a die to be made with our gear. It's so push-button awesome that George and Judy Jetson ... [Read More]

Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut Stickers

The Difference Between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers. Die Cutting is the process of cutting your sticker into a certain shape or design by the use of a sharp steel ruled stamp, roller, or highly pressurized blade. Here are some examples of Die Cut stickers. Every sticker is cut out all ... [Read More]