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StickerGiant Fan of the Week: Craft E Magee

Presenting...another StickerGiant Fan of the Week! This week's shout-out goes to one Craft E Magee.

Why is this truly talented DIY-er our Fan of the Week? Well, she ordered some custom stickers, posted a photo and told the world. Respect! Which is why we're sending her a box of yummy cookies from our neighbor, Mary’s Market & Deli.

Oh, you'd better believe she's crafty. Turns out, she's just our type, too: she’s just one of our stylin' fans on Facebook. And boy does she have a way with the glue gun. Seriously, have you seen the Derby hats she made? For under $25?? Sweet stuff, Magee!!

Enjoy the treats, Craft E. And thanks for choosing StickerGiant!


How to remove a sticker

Laptop plastered with boy band ephemera but now you're on tour with Phish? Sometimes it's time for a refresh, even with stickers. Here's a quickie video demonstration of how to remove old stickers from a laptop cover. Remember, it's just a suggestion!

Supplies: gauze pads, lens cleaner,  Zippo lighter fluid, stiff plastic card, and a blow dryer.

4 easy steps:
1. Heat the sticker surface with the blow dryer.
2. Scrape the edge with the card and peel sticker off.
3. Clean up adhesive residue with gauze pads and lighter fluid.
4. Clean up again with lens cleaner.

Viola! Two less stickers and no sticky residue!

Disclaimer that we hope is legally binding—Kids: Get Mom and Dad to help you do this! Mom and Dad: We're sorry for telling the kids about lighter fluid.

Team Blocks

[Dear Readers, we no longer offer retail stickers, but we do offer an awesome website to order your own custom stickers.]

Another of our clever, crafty, DIY customers has struck again (we are none of these things and bow down before those who not only can, but do)—this time with a couple of our National Football League stickers.

Thought I'd share with u what I did with the NFL decals I just ordered....I have a block with lites in it and my twin grandsons wanted one with their team logos....only wished the decals came in a smaller size as had 2 use 12" blocks.....txs for helping me with this project...Linda ...Sioux Falls.SD....Merry Christmas....

And we'd been wondering what to do with that leftover glass blocks piled in the garage. Nicely done, Linda! Your grandsons are lucky boys, to be sure. Thanks for sharing your sticker story, and as always, thank you for choosing StickerGiant!

49ers Cornhole Boards

Is there something in the air? Springtime hits and a young man's thoughts turn to...cornhole? (Or do you call it bags? Some people care about this. Either way, it's a fun way to test your bean bag-aiming skills while enjoying the beverage of your choice.)

We're digging the bowling-alley styling from yet another DIY customer:
I plan on using StickerGiant again as your product was great, service was awesome, and order confirmation letter was too cool!  I make board games and often get requests for team logo boards, my last request was for the 49ers so now you can see how they look on these boards.  I'll be looking for some NY Giants decals very soon...

Aw, thanks for the love, friend! And as always, thank you for choosing StickerGiant.

[Dear Readers, we no longer offer retail stickers, but we do offer an awesome website to order your own custom sticker.]