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Cool Skateboarding Dog

Teaching Fido to Ollie

Give me a paw, roll over and play dead, go fetch ... none of that cuts the mustard these days. The masses want to see something new. Blame it on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks, America's Funniest Home Videos, and YouTube. Everyone loves a dog with a special skill. But where ... [Read More]

Jess Keeps it Hidden

Name & Position: Jess, Custom Sticker Specialist Time with Sticker Giant: 5 months (as of January 2013) Best part of the job: Getting to see so many creative ideas :) Hometown: Crawford, Georgia Hidden talent: Can't tell, its hidden Cake or pie? Both! Number ... [Read More]

Amy's Great American Road Trip

Name & Position: Amy, General Manager Time with StickerGiant: 3 years, 7 months Best part of the job: Helping our employees make our customers uber happy with their stickers! Hometown: Boulder, CO Hidden Talent: It's so hidden I haven't realized what it is ... [Read More]
Witty Stickers that Work Great As Gifts for Dog Lovers

Gift Ideas: Dog Lovers

I've got the strangest feeling you might know what I'm gonna suggest you get people for the holidays. Did you guess...stickers? You did? Are you psychic? Because I was totally gonna say stickers. Dog lovers as a breed (har-de-har-har) are among the most rabid fans out there. No, wait, ... [Read More]
Custom printed sticker sheets for the printed by StickerGiant

I was expecting, oh, I don't know, a site about walking dogs, maybe sharing the best places for doggie walks, a social media play kinda thing. But that's not what serves up. Instead, it's "political and social commentary through the eyes of three smart dogs." Gotta get a ... [Read More]