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White Ink On Clear Decals

Hello, I’m John Fischer from StickerGiant and today we are going to talk about white ink on clear decals. There are three ways to use white ink on a clear decal; the first is to back up just the artwork itself in white ink, allowing no white ink to show on the finished product. The ... [Read More]

Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut Stickers

The Difference Between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers. Die Cutting is the process of cutting your sticker into a certain shape or design by the use of a sharp steel ruled stamp, roller, or highly pressurized blade. Here are some examples of Die Cut stickers. Every sticker is cut out all ... [Read More]

Spot Color vs. Four Color Process

The Difference between Spot color and 4 Color Process Colors created without screens or dots are referred to in the industry as spot or solid colors. From a palette of 14 basic colors, each of the spot colors in the pantone matching system is mixed according to its own unique ink ... [Read More]
How to Determine the Max Print Size for a Raster Image in Photoshop by StickerGiant

How To Determine Max Print Size Using Photoshop

How to determine the maximum print size of your image using photoshop. For your sticker to be the highest quality, we require a 300 dpi image. If your image is larger than your desired sticker size, all you have to do is reduce your image size to achieve 300 dpi. If your image is ... [Read More]