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Muirwood Reclamations

One of a kind goods can be hard to find but Muirwood Reclamations is doing just that by reusing materials to make an assortment of useful products and decor for the home.

From the outskirts of Chicago comes a husband and wife team that started Muirwood Reclamations. Scott and Kristin Fischer had a need for a dining room table and so they used reclaimed woods to build the table of their dreams. In using reclaimed materials they started building not just tables, but anything from crayon holders for kids to a coat rack using old railroad spikes.

Their latest creation was in association with a local steel factory in Itasca, Illinois as they repurposed real railroad spikes into durable bottle openers. This useful invention was even chosen by The Grommet as a featured new product.

In selling their products on Etsy, they have come to us for promotional stickers featuring their logo and also some runs of barcode matte labels for their different items. There are many steps to success in business and launching new products. We are always excited to see our stickers and product labels help address packaging and promotional needs on the journey.

Check out this quick video featuring Muirwood Reclamations Railroad Spike Bottle Opener:

Sticker Marketing Podcast: An Artist Talks Tools and Tricks That Help Him Thrive At Doing What He Loves

Joshua Coffy Founder of

An Artists Perspective

We interviewed Joshua Coffy, founder of, which is Art and Gifting, presented beautifully.

The Gift Prolific is an evolving gifting and art project created by Joshua Coffy.  Initially (2011-2012) it was a project of daily gifting and painting.  The basics of the first year of the project are listed below:

  1. Give a gift to someone, everyday, for a year.

  2. Make a small painting inspired by each gift.

  3. Show the paintings in a gallery at the Burning Man Arts Festival in 2012.

  4. Gift away each painting at the event.

Follow @StickerGiant on Twitter to learn more.

The Lucky Elephant: Luck Comes in Circles

Lucky Elephant Round Sticker

We can all use a little extra luck.

And now, it can be yours, courtesy of a little elephant ...

Elephants with their trunk raised up are considered to bring good luck and to have magical powers to take away troubles. With the lucky elephant™ GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT™ leather wrap and stack bracelets, you can now [wrap yourself in good luck]™ while being stylishly accessorized!

The Lucky Elephant peddles their colorful leather wrap bracelets and charm bracelets through Etsy, offering dozens of delightful designs. They even have a set of fabulous wedding bracelets to add a wee bit of luck to a bride's big day! If you're looking for a unique gift for a special bride, look no further, my friends. Bridesmaids will swoon over the vintage bride bracelet's cream white Swarovski crystal pearls, metallic cream white leather bracelet,  rhinestone closure button, and handcrafted silver Good Luck Elephant. It's magically delicious!

You can't help but feel a little luckier for having gazed upon the round stickers we recently printed for The Lucky Elephant. Covered in rows of happy pachyderms with their trunks raised in joy, the one-color stickers are a splendid tribute to a super cool brand.