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Custom Stickers Showing Military Pride printed by StickerGiant

Gift Ideas: Military Pride

I love the smell of stickers in the morning. See what I did there? Military folk are among the proudest around, and they should be. They serve our country. We wouldn't have the freedoms we have without the service of millions of members of the armed forces, past and present. Stars and ... [Read More]
Witty Stickers that Work Great As Gifts for Dog Lovers

Gift Ideas: Dog Lovers

I've got the strangest feeling you might know what I'm gonna suggest you get people for the holidays. Did you guess...stickers? You did? Are you psychic? Because I was totally gonna say stickers. Dog lovers as a breed (har-de-har-har) are among the most rabid fans out there. No, wait, ... [Read More]
Grateful Dead Band Stickers printed by StickerGiant

Gift Ideas: Music Lovers

The sequel to our popular line of gift ideas: Stickers. And maybe T-shirts. And okay, key rings too. And whatever else you can find in our giant store. This time, though, the theme is music. Who doesn't know someone who loves music? They don't even have to love the Grateful Dead – ... [Read More]

Gift Ideas: Kids

[Dear Readers, we no longer offer retail stickers like these Disney stickers, but we do offer an awesome website to order your own custom stickers.] So it's gift-giving time and we're here with one idea: get 'em stickers! Kind of obvious for a sticker company on a sticker blog, ... [Read More]
Student Driver Keychains and Stickers

Gift Ideas: New Drivers

[Dear Readers, we no longer offer retail keychains, but we do offer an awesome website to order your own custom stickers.] Next on our list of holiday gift ideas at StickerGiant: stickers. And keychains! Don't forget, we've got lots of different types of merchandise, but today, why not ... [Read More]

Gift Ideas: Progressive Gifts

  Can you guess what I'm gonna suggest for the liberal-progressive people in your life? How about stickers? And t-shirts, and even shopping bags. StickerGiant has a whole section for progressive gifts – it's kind of a specialty. You can get 'em stickers on everything from gay ... [Read More]