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Custom Stickers, the Candy Alternative


Halloween holds nostalgia for children and adults alike. Who doesn't enjoy an excuse to rock a costume whilst trick or treating with family and friends? Halloween candy holds an age old tradition this time of year and it's hard to get your kids excited about anything other than the impending sugar high.

But never fear! StickerGiant here with a healthier alternative that will keep even the biggest sweet tooth satisfied. Custom stickers are a great substitute for candy because they remain trendy in all age groups.

Top Five Reasons to Go Sugar Free This Halloween:

1. Stand Out: Custom stickers are a great substitute for candy because they remain trendy in all age groups.

2. They Last: Do you still have candy of unknown origin lurking in your pantry from last Halloween? Stickers are great candy alternative because they last.

3. Health: Everyone knows that candy is consumed in excess this time of year. Remove the risk cavities, health problems, and candy tampering completely with stickers.

4. Marketing: Dentists are pros at curbing the market at Halloween time with tooth brush/paste candy bag stuffers. Why not take a little piece of their pie and add this tactic to your lead generation toolbox.

5. Parents Will Thank You: There is many a parent that will spend the wee hours sifting through the contents of their child's treat bag silently thanking you for making their job easier.

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Amy's Great American Road Trip


Name & Position:
Amy, General Manager

Time with StickerGiant:
3 years, 7 months

Best part of the job:
Helping our employees make our customers uber happy with their stickers!

Boulder, CO

Hidden Talent:
It's so hidden I haven't realized what it is yet.

Cake or Pie?
Cake, vanilla with raspberry filling and Cool Whip topping

Number one item on my bucket list:
My list isn't really a list in order, it's more a bucket with my wishes on individual pieces of paper. So the one I pull out now is ... driving around the United States to see all of the National Parks and different regions of the country.

Favorite season and why:
Fall. I love the colored leaves, anything pumpkin and my birthday, which is two days before Halloween.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs are way better than cats.

The last movie I remember watching:
21 Jump Street - 3 days before I gave birth to my son, so I don't remember if I've even seen a movie since.

The last book I read:
Can't remember the last one I finished, however, I've started reading at least three.

  • What to Expect the First Year

  • Ownership Thinking and

  • The Great Game of Business

Favorite use for a sticker:
Covering my filing cabinet at work

Prediction for 2013:
Getting at least a couple of full nights of sleep and StickerGiant is thriving and growing!




Puffy Halloween Stickers!


[Dear Reader, we no longer offer retail stickers, but we do offer an awesome website to order your own custom sticker.]

Ghosts, bones, and skulls ... oh my!

Are these the coolest glow in the dark Halloween stickers you've ever seen?

Stickers are the anti-candy. All smiles. No cavities. With 34 puffy pillow Halloween stickers on each awesome 4.5-inch by 6-inch sheet, you can share the scares for about ten cents a pop.

Perfect for parties and kids of all ages. Except the wee ones. (These stickers might look delicious, but they're not edible.)

So pour yourself a nice big bowl of Count Chocula or Frankenberry, scribble out your costume ideas, and order some fun stickers. Time's a wastin'!


Big Al

A StickerGiant customer sent us this picture of one Big Al, all decked out in his kerchief and St. Louis Cardinals flare. Congrats on the World Series win, Big Al! You deserve to look so proud!

So what's at the root of the human urge to dress up one's pet? Let's explore, shall we?

Is it attention-seeking? True, seeing a dog wearing a mailman costume is going to get some laughs. Is it a case of too much free  time? Is it a transference of our own desires to become something we're not...hence all of the completely absurd "sexy" outfits (really? sexy skunk?). Or is it simple payback for all of those stains on the carpet? If so, the dog-as-cat outfit is a real...mind trick. For the record, the so-called alluring costume category is not limited to humans. Who's a good French Maid? That's right, Fido: you are!

Thanks, for sharing, Big Al. And thanks for choosing StickerGiant. Happy Halloween!

Update: Big Al sits outside of Clarkson Wilson Veterinary Clinic in Chesterfield, MO. Woof!


Daddi O Smoke & Skate Shop

Maybe there's something in the air as Halloween approaches? As with the folks at KillMoreZombies.com, our friends at Daddi O Smoke & Skate Shop are also incognito (at least online). Tell us the zombies aren't skaters, too?

Anywho, Halloween is just around the corner, and if you don't have a costume yet, hop to it! There are so many cute and funny ideas for kids' costumes these days. No pressure, but if your kid goes out in a sheet with a couple of holes cut in it, well, Charlie Brown knows how your kid is gonna feel.

And for goodness sakes, what about the pets? Does Rufus have a costume yet? What about Fluffy? Looks like you'd better get your DIY on!

Speaking of costumes, allow us to step on the soap box for a moment. Exactly what is up with the trend of making just about any Halloween costume an opportunity to put the lady goods on display? You know what we're talking about: naughty nurse, French maid, sexy bee. That's right: one year, we saw a woman dressed up as a sexy BEE. Even worse? This year's topical sexy costume is of a recently-assassinated terrorist (no joke). This has to stop! Let's take a deep breath and get reasonable, people.

Happy Halloween from the StickerGiant?

Boo! Bet you weren't expecting to see the StickerGiant this Halloween. Well watch out because he is running around LA and you never know where he will be this Halloween weekend. So maybe this isn't the real StickerGiant, emphasis on the word Giant.

This is actually a Micro version that paid a visit to the StickerGiant offices in Hygiene, Colorado. Our friend @MicroSteph came by to meetup with the real @StickerGiant. Looking good Steph! Have a safe Halloween this weekend and decorate your costume with some fun stickers!