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Custom Stickers, the Candy Alternative

Halloween holds nostalgia for children and adults alike. Who doesn't enjoy an excuse to rock a costume whilst trick or treating with family and friends? Halloween candy holds an age old tradition this time of year and it's hard to get your kids excited about anything other than the ... [Read More]

Amy's Great American Road Trip

Name & Position: Amy, General Manager Time with StickerGiant: 3 years, 7 months Best part of the job: Helping our employees make our customers uber happy with their stickers! Hometown: Boulder, CO Hidden Talent: It's so hidden I haven't realized what it is ... [Read More]
Green and White Stickers with Skeleton for Daddi Smoke and Skate Shop

Daddi O Smoke & Skate Shop

Maybe there's something in the air as Halloween approaches? As with the folks at KillMoreZombies.com, our friends at Daddi O Smoke & Skate Shop are also incognito (at least online). Tell us the zombies aren't skaters, too? Anywho, Halloween is just around the corner, and if you ... [Read More]

Happy Halloween from the StickerGiant?

Boo! Bet you weren't expecting to see the StickerGiant this Halloween. Well watch out because he is running around LA and you never know where he will be this Halloween weekend. So maybe this isn't the real StickerGiant, emphasis on the word Giant. This is actually a Micro version that ... [Read More]

Halloween Movie At StickerGiant

StickerGiant had a cubicle decorating contest this week for Halloween. Our winner did a video featuring her family and me, John Fischer, the founder of StickerGiant. What fun. Ilene won the contest! Yeah Ilene. ... [Read More]