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Foodist Stickers: Absolutely Scrumptious!


What if you could simply change what you're eating to "use real food and real science to lose weight, without dieting?"

That's the premise behind Darya Pino Rose's highly-acclaimed new book, Foodist.

It's all about loving food. The right foods. At the right times.

No more sacrifice. No more deprivation.

As Dara explains in this trailer, "Foodist will help you stop dieting and start living."

Well-designed stickers are thin, delicious, and a great way to promote just about anything ... even books!

Stickers slip weightlessly into envelopes and between pages. They bring delight to fans. They stick around long after the press release has been filed.

Foodist's stickers are especially delightful, with scrumptious colors and a delightful die-cut outline. Take a gander at that sans serif logo and you can't help but think of fresh leafy greens, plump ripe tomatoes, vitamin c-packed oranges, and a delicious bunch of grapes. It's a meal and a sticker, all in one!


Trichome Healing Collective

[Editor's Note: Trichrome Healing has closed. We've preserved their sticker story for posterity.]

We can't explain why the kid on the sticker has lion head...or does the lion have a skinny dude's body? But we sure dig what the Trichome Healing Collective does in beautiful, sunny San Diego:
At Trichome Healing we bring years of experience to alternative Medicinal Marijuana treatments for MMJ patients. We are happy to provide safe and legal access to all of our medical cannabis patients. We have some of the most beautiful and potent flowers around offered at a very minimal donation base! We carry many different strains of flowers, edibles, and concentrates to meet all your medicating needs. We operate in compliance with Prop 215, SB 420 and H&S Code 11362.5.

We can explain what a trichome is: a hairy appendage on a plant. Cannabis has hairy appendages. So do stinging nettles and wait-a-minute trees. Mother Nature has a sense of humor!