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Helmet Stickers Help You Think Outside the Hat


When someone mentions the word "sticker" you tend to get a little tickly bit of excitement in your belly. You think to yourself, "Cool! A sticker! Where can I put that bad boy?" Outwardly, you have a little more control but are secretly giddy inside. Oh. That doesn't happen to you? Well, it happens to us, and we're in the business of putting stickers everywhere, even in places you might not think stickers can (or should) go.

Like helmets. And hard hats. And your brother's hamster (you might want to hold off on that one for a bit).

Stickers are not only a great way to brand your business and make it instantly recognizable, but they can be used for safety reasons, too. Placing a sticker on a hard hat helps you tell your employees apart from visitors and makes them visible from afar. If you choose to use bright colors to stand out, well, that's even better. But don't think hard hats are the end of the line, oh no! We can create stickers for sports teams, job site helmets, ski helmets and much, much more. If your hockey team is Mighty Duck-ing its way to the championship playoffs, a brand new sticker is a great way to draw attention to the players involved. Ski helmets stickers can help tell you apart from other skiers, especially if an accident were to occur. Plus, it's a cute way to let people know you're the bunny on the slope they should watch out for!

All of that sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? Yeah, we think so, too. Now for all of the information that makes our stickers unique:

  • We can create almost any shape for your helmet or hard hat sticker

  • Our helmet stickers are created with a combination of plastic and vinyl, using acrylic adhesives to make them long-lasting and completely durable

  • All hard hat/helmet stickers will resist outdoor fading and wear

  • Your sticker will have near-perfect color reproduction, too

  • Did we mention there's free shipping? You bet!

Are you ready to get started? Our customer service experts are ready to help you with your custom sticker creations 5 days a week from 7:00am - 5pm MST. Click here to start your order, and we can't wait to see what you create!


Cute Baby StickerGiant

Baby StickerGiant

Baby StickerGiant

This li'l customer is proudly dispaying his StickerGiant sticker on his helmet, like he's part of Team StickerGiant! We think he's cute as heck. And the helmet is pure TRON. He's got a twin brother who doesn't have StickerGiant on his helmet, so I guess he doesn't get to be on the blog. Athough I'm sure he's just as cute. Big thanks to this kid's mom for sending this in!