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Hygiene Hay Days is Here Again!


It's that time of year when the heat of summer is just about gone, soon to be replaced with crisp autumn air, the subtle changing of the leaves and the all-inclusive hoodie. Hygiene, Colorado is one town that understands the importance of nature, and holds its annual Hygiene Hay Days to celebrate the last hay cutting of the season the first week in September.

Family fun abounds during this special fest of finality, starting with a community breakfast and ending with live music and barbecue, with a pet parade, farmer's market and plein air art show in between. Children of all ages can enjoy the hayrides and pie contest with unbridled glee, while the older folks can enjoy some adult beverages for a great end to a fun day.

Hygiene is a small community in Boulder County that plays host to friendly ideas and even friendlier people. Even their sticker is friendly, with an idyllic tree and logo advertising the local population of friendly people. Simple, laid back and full of charm - it's hard to tell if we're talking about the town or the sticker!

Mark your calendars for September 6th to make sure you don't miss all the action. Can't wait to get your own friendly sticker? Click here to contact us for your own set of fun!



Behind the Sticker Curtain: StickerGiant Virtual Google Tour!

Get an insider's perspective at the StickerGiant World Headquarters

[Editor's Note: This is a tour from our new factory that you can find on our page and on Google Maps. Click inside the image to start manipulating the immersive tour. Follow the arrows to stroll through our production floor and check out the rest of our facilities. To make the map the whole screen, click the link below the pictures or the arrows in the top right of the image. Enjoy!]

We’re pretty stoked to announce a super-fun new feature to our website: Our very own Virtual Tour! Take a few minutes to digitally stroll our production floor, our shipping and receiving center, our meeting space and our call center--this is truly is where ALL of the sticker magic happens. Including a visit with Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball.

Since we’re all about transparency and sharing cool technology, this new virtual walk through shows our customers how it all comes together from the inside, which is an indirect promotion of our brand. It’s the little things that we love to do that also help involve our customers on social media.

StickerGiant & Google for Business

If you’re familiar with Google Maps and their Street View program, you’ll recognize the internal navigation on the pictures and the panoramic style of imagery. If you haven’t heard of, or used, Street View, it’s pretty much one of the coolest things that Google has done. You can (virtually) walk to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you can swim in the Great Barrier Reef, and you can see the Statue of Liberty. You can also see your office or home from Google Maps. It’s pretty incredible that most of the globe is mapped and photographed to this level, but leave it to Google to do just that.

Anyways, we were lucky to find a local, Google-Certified photographer to visit our location and shoot (for a reasonable fee) a series of panoramic images that were then stitched together in this virtual tour of our business. It’s a big part of Google’s Business Services, and it’s something that we’ve been using for years as part of our StickerGiant Local Listing page (or, what shows up when you Google “StickerGiant”). If you want to learn more about how StickerGiant uses Google as part of our business, we’d love to talk it over, so leave us a note in the comments.

Here’s a great Google for Business overview from Search Engine Land that ran in June when Google updated the administration area for their Business Pages. Ultimately, our customers are searching Google to find out about stickers, and our entire Google presence helps drive traffic to our website.

Treasure Hunt!

And, if you’re super astute, you’ll notice a few fun “easter eggs” that we hid in a few of the images. Let us know if you see or read anything that seems funny.

StickerGiant Virtual Tour

StickerGiant Virtual Tour


Sticker Giant Remains Open, Limited Staff Work to Manage Production


Alberto, no last name given, center, Laura Hughes, of Hygiene, left, and Boulder County Sheriff's deputy Mitchell Rosebrough work to free a pair of horses from flood water near Hygiene Road and North 75th on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, near Hygiene. (Matthew Jonas/Times-Call)

Sticker Giant remains open despite continued flood conditions that have drastically limited road access to our location in Hygiene, Colorado.

Staff are happy to report that power and electric to the warehouse is functioning but phones continue to remain down. Stickers are in production at this time, but systems are running at half speed due to staff shortages caused by extensive road closures throughout the surrounding areas. Staff on site and off are working hard to serve sticker customers despite these setbacks.

Sticker Giant has partnered with local Hygiene, CO restaurant Crane Hollow Cafe  to provide free coffee to all rescue, fire, and police personnel. We have extended the offer to include food for local Hygiene families displaced from their homes that come into the eatery unable to pay.

Today our thoughts are with the many Colorado people and companies we serve who have been affected by this disaster. We hope that all of you are getting the help you need to make it through this trying time. Please connect with us if there is anything we can do to help at: stickers@stickergiant.com

A Preview of What's to Come: Snow in Hygiene

Snow In Hygiene

Is there anything more hygienic than freshly fallen snow?

This photograph was taken last winter, after a snowstorm here in Hygiene, Colorado. The wind was whipping the snow up, obscuring the range in the distance. Our little town earned its rather unique name from days gone by, when it hosted a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients.

So how much snow does Boulder get in an average winter?

U.S. Department of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been keeping of monthly snowfall in Boulder Colorado since the late 1800's. Last season's total snowfall was just 41.4 inches, which was considerably lower than previous years.




StickerGiant Fan of the Week: Diana (aka Navy Mom)




We're proud to share this message from one of our super fans from Florida. Diana—also known as "Navy Mom"—bought some of our many U.S. Navy stickers and temporary tattoos and graciously shared her enthusiasm with us.
StickerGiant: I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait until I get the stickers, especially the Navy Seal temp tattoo and wear it. Someone close is a Seal, and I just needed it so badly and you were my hero. You had what I had been searching for. So thank you from a Navy Mom.

Wow, Diana, thank YOU for the kind words and more importantly, for sharing your loved one in service to our country! We're going to send off a box of heart-warming treats to you (or your sailor?) from our good neighbors at Mary's Market & Deli here in Hygiene, Colorado. And thanks for choosing StickerGiant.

StickerGiant Fan of the Week: Reg

Have you ever played the game where you go around a room and decide what kind of dog everyone would be or which Simpson's character they'd play? It's an incredibly useful entertainment tactic during meetings because it appears you're actually paying attention (way better than texting with your BFF).

Here's how it works: every comic book store owner you've ever met plays the Comic Book Guy, your neighbor's bratty kid is Bart, and—depending on your relationship with your mother—you're either Lisa, Homer, or Ned Flanders.

Playing the role of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon at the local Kwik-E-Mart in Cadillac, Michigan is StickerGiant's Fan of the Week, Reg! He's just one of StickerGiant’s fantastic fans on Facebook.

Why is Reg our Fan of the Week? Are you kidding? This guy hands out our stickers left and right...when he's not busy busting rotten apples for stealing Slim Jims and Red Bull at his place of employment. Which is precisely why we’re sending him a box of yummy cookies from our neighbor Mary’s Market & Deli. Enjoy, Reg. And thanks for choosing StickerGiant!