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StickerGiant by the Numbers

And now for a little bit more of our story. Sometimes the best way to get an idea about something is through simple accounting. Add it up, see what shakes out, and read the story between the lines. With apologies to Harper's Index, we give you StickerGiant by the Numbers. Years in ... [Read More]
A pole of stickers at the StickerGiant Headquarters

The 411 on StickerGiant HQ

The whole purpose of the StickerGiant blog is to share sticker stories. To date, this has pretty much been focused on our customers. We love the fascinating variety of businesses and individuals who come to us, again and again, for their sticker needs. Thanks, guys! Turns out, we get ... [Read More]

Halloween Movie At StickerGiant

StickerGiant had a cubicle decorating contest this week for Halloween. Our winner did a video featuring her family and me, John Fischer, the founder of StickerGiant. What fun. Ilene won the contest! Yeah Ilene. ... [Read More]

Pantone Color Matching - Screen to Ink

Hi, I'm John Fischer. I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant and today I want to talk about color matching on screens to printed material. So, here are two stickers that we printed that are good full range color stickers. They have good examples of color in them. Everyday we get ... [Read More]

Glow In The Dark Stickers

[Editors Note] Dear Reader, we do not offer Glow in the Dark Stickers any longer, but loved this Sticker Story and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy. Hey this is John Fischer, I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant and I wanted to show you a new sticker we just did, it is a glow in ... [Read More]