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StickerGiant by the Numbers

And now for a little bit more of our story. Sometimes the best way to get an idea about something is through simple accounting. Add it up, see what shakes out, and read the story between the lines. With apologies to Harper's Index, we give you StickerGiant by the Numbers.

Years in operation: 12

First sticker sold (on our first sticker site, He Is Not My President

Most recent favorite sticker printed: Culture Couture (blog post coming soon!)

First office location: Fischer family basement in Longmont, Colorado

Estimated square footage of first office: 500

Current location: Hygiene, Colorado

Estimated square footage of current operation:  5,000

Number of office moves:  1

Number of expansions: 4

Number of employees: 16

Full time employees:  13

Part time employees:  3

Employee with longest tenure:  Maureen (8 years!)

Approximate number of repeat customers: 75,000

Average sticker print run:  1,000

Minimum number of print runs a month:  2,000

Miles of sticker substrate used per month:  20

Estimated solar and/or wind power usage based on percentage of monthly consumption: 100

Average number of packages sent per day:  225

Busiest month (on average): September

Most memorable media moment of 2011:  Jeopardy! answer

Most recent press mention: Wall Street Journal

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The 411 on StickerGiant HQ

The whole purpose of the StickerGiant blog is to share sticker stories. To date, this has pretty much been focused on our customers. We love the fascinating variety of businesses and individuals who come to us, again and again, for their sticker needs. Thanks, guys!

Turns out, we get as shy as a freshman at a Sadie Hawkins when talking about ourselves. Room for improvement! Which is why every Friday, we're going to use this space to tell a little bit of our story.

So, to begin: Here's a picture of one of several giant telephone posts we had to install out back* to beef up our power supply. Of course, we've plastered it with stickers! (Like this exhibit in Australia, stickers seem to bring out the kid in all of us).

And for those of you still reading, a few facts about StickerGiant:

  • We employ more than a dozen people from the community.

  • We deliver outstanding customer service and a quality product.

  • We rely on alternative energy and buy from suppliers who do, too.

  • We are active members of our hometown of Hygiene, Colorado (elev. 5,095 feet).

*Don't be fooled by the pole-barn appearance! Sure it's modest, but so was Patagonia's first office and look at what they've accomplished. We've already come a long way from our days in a basement. But that's another story....stay tuned!

Pantone Color Matching - Screen to Ink

Hi, I'm John Fischer. I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant and today I want to talk about color matching on screens to printed material.

So, here are two stickers that we printed that are good full range color stickers. They have good examples of color in them.

Everyday we get emails and we get files from customers over our website. Often customers say, "Can you just match the color on the screen in your file?" If color is not critical, that works. But if color is really important and critical to you, it doesn't work.

There's a lot of reasons why, and rather than get into all of the technical reasons why, I just thought I'd show you...

I have four screens set up over here. As you can see these are four screens that are normally adjusted screens, to you and I, if it was your monitor at home, it would look great. Your brain automatically color adjusts to make the color look normal.

So, the next question is how do we color match when we're separated by distance and can't look at the same thing?

There's a system and we use Pantone Color Matching System to match. This is a Pantone book, it has a wide range of colors and they're all printed to match, exactly. This is a four color process Pantone book, so I could compare this to things that are printed cyan, magenta, yellow and black on a four color process press.

Or, you can use the Pantone Formula book, which actually has Pantone color matching inks, where the inks match the book. We have one, your designer has one and the people running our printing presses have these books and they all match.

When color is critical, don't rely on your screen. Rely on a popular color matching system like Pantone or some other color correct proofing method and you'll be happy with the results.

I'm John Fischer, thanks for watching.

Glow In The Dark Stickers

Hey this is John Fischer, I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant and I wanted to show you a new sticker we just did, it is a glow in the dark sticker for my friend AJ.

AJ has a new venture going and he needed some new stickers. His logo is rectangular so we didn't want to do a die cut shape, so we found this super glowing intense vinyl stock and printed black ink over it with his logo and these things glow like crazy.

We tested them out earlier, and I'll show you a picture and they are really neat stickers for Vaynermedia. If you want one, send us a self addressed stamped envelope to Vaynermedia Stickers, c/o PO 301 Hygiene, CO 80533.

Thanks a lot and have a great day.

glow in the dark stickers


Fender Road Worn Guitars

Hi I'm John Fischer, I'm the owner and founder of StickerGiant, and today I am here with Todd. Todd owns a guitar store here in Longmont, Colorado, a retailer for high-end guitars.

Most of you know one of our best customers for custom printing is Fender Guitars and we recently did two stickers for them. This is a two color sticker that says Road Worn and it's die-cut into a unique shape. W e also did a four color version of the exact sticker. We didn't know what road worn was, so I came down to Guitars, Etc today to ask Todd to explain, What is Road Worn by Fender?

Sure, so Road Worn is a series that is being launched at the Winter Namm show in Anaheim, CA the week of January 14th. Fender will unveil four Stratocasters, two Telecasters, two P Bases and 2 Jazz Bases. And basically what the term road worn means is that Fender builds brand new guitars with all the things you want in a brand new guitar – they tune well, play well and look great. But then they take the guitars and distress the finishes, they shape the necks a little bit so that it feels like the guitar has been played and beaten up for 20 years. There's something extremely magical about having a guitar that's been played – you know a 1961 Strata caster hasl ost a lot of wood off the back of the neck, every nick and ding has its own story. This is a marriage of two things we want in our industry. We want the modern technology of Fender's built quality, to have really great instruments, but we want them to look like we've played them for 100 years. That way if you take your new guitar home to Joey Fischer and hits it into the coffee table and it gets a scratch, who cares?

These are great guitars. Fender has four levels of guitars, an import series built in China, a facility right below the California border in Mexico, one that's right above the border in California, and then they have their custom shop in California. This falls in the Mexican facility, with the same components that would be in American guitars. A wonderful quality in terms of the fit and finish and the stuff they pack into the guitar – great electronics, great wood pieces. In fact the senior master builder of the Fender American custom shop once a year or twice a year puts together some guitars that he has specifically built in the Mexican facility.

Well, thanks Todd, for telling us what Road Worn is, and thanks for watching.