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Proud to be an American Diver custom logo stickers

American Diving Supply offers diving equipment to professional divers from every part of the industry and every point on the globe. They service the military, commercial, scientific, law enforcement, and recreational diving markets, and they give their customers a chance to share their ... [Read More]
[SG] Jesse Sticker Story YouTube Badge

StickerGiant: Meet Jesse: Marketing, Music and World Records

Jesse is the Marketing Director here at StickerGiant and also the creator of Saul the Guinness World Record for Largest Sticker Ball and National Sticker Day. When he's not coming up with business strategies and producing content about stickers, he is passionate about music, gaming, ... [Read More]

How to Acquire New Customers with Special Guest Bill Flagg

Welcome to the third episode of Sticker Stories, our podcast. This month's show is all about acquiring customers and we have Bill Flagg on the show who will talk more about how his companies go about acquiring new customers to fuel growth. Jesse and Hamish also breakdown their "Top of ... [Read More]

Back to the Huddle Board: Open Book Marketing with StickerGiant

At StickerGiant, we run our business with a different kind of business model known as Open Book Management. This transparent approach to business creates a culture that empowers employees to dive into the numbers of a business and feel truly invested in the end results. We have ... [Read More]

Let the Sticker Help You Develop Your Ideas

Do you know what that’s a picture of up there? Why, it’s none other than pasta sauce, of course! Before you start asking, “What’s so special about sauce, and why am I reading this blog?” take a look at the labels. Fantastic, right? They really make the sauce jars stand out from similar ... [Read More]