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Matte product labels help Momentary Ink make a lasting impression

Momentary Ink out of Philadelphia calls themselves the "next-gen temporary tattoo company," and they are making a long-term connection with their customers by using our custom matte labels. By choosing a matte finish, they made an ideal choice for their label because our matte labels ... [Read More]

Matte Labels Make Ideal Visitor Name Tags for Mary Rutan Hospital

Whenever you step through the doors of Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine, Ohio, you are greeted with a sleek rectangular name tag printed on our matte label product. It's the ideal introduction to your time as a visitor in one of America's Safest Hospitals. Mary Rutan Hospital opened ... [Read More]

Custom Labels just Got FASTER

Launching a new product and forgot that final touch? We've got your back. We are excited to announce that our Custom Labels just got a faster turnaround time. Our Glossy White Labels and Matte Labels are now available with a one day turnaround time. What does turnaround time mean? If ... [Read More]