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Grab a Beer at Gravity Brewing, Buy a Fridge Next Door


Researching this post about the The Gravity Brewing Company instilled a insatiable thirst.

Insatiable because the only beer in the fridge at the moment happened to be left over from the holidays: a mass-produced pedestrian lightweight brew - which shall remain nameless - incapable of quenching any thirst of substance. Nevertheless, I cracked an aluminum can open hoping to find inspiration, but, all I found was the residue of industrial fermentation. While the whistle may have been whetted, a happy tune did not accompany my twinkling of the keyboard.

This is the opposite of that.

Gravity produces craft-brewed beers.

Beers of substance and character, fully capable of achieving escape velocity.

Stuff you'll want to sample or guzzle in a growler.

Ready to take a ride with a designated astronaut/driver?

The Gravity Tasting Room is located in Louisville, Colorado and is open from Wednesday through Sunday. They're located behind Mountain High Appliance. Gravity doesn't serve food, but you're more than welcome to bring your own.

No BYOB here ... it's strictly BYOF.

But fear not. The American Legion next door can fix you up with some fine vittles ...




Notch Brewing

Remember our earlier post, in which we contemplated the differences between types of craft breweries? Well here's a new one: session brewing. Because that's how they do it at Notch Brewing in Ipswich, Massachusetts.
There are two stories here, that of Session beer as a category and that of Chris Lohring, brewer and Notch founder. And then there is the reason these two stories matter.

Okay, we're with you so far, Notch Brewing!
Session as a category was born in Britain’s pub culture, a byproduct of taxation around ABV (alcohol by volume). Crafting well-balanced, flavorful beers was in fact a craft. To do so well, brewers had to be creative and innovative with flavor combinations and brewing processes. Session beer boasted interesting and balanced flavor profiles and an ABV below 4%. These were not light beers; they were good beers brewed to be enjoyed. The flavor was the priority; the ABV was the creative challenge.

Ah-ha! That makes sense. Who doesn't want to beat the tax man at his own game? Um, we mean...oh come on: everyone wants to! And we can fully appreciate an interesting, creative challenge.
Chris has been brewing professionally since 1993....Today, Chris is an independent brewer—he owns no facility—instead brewing and collaborating with other breweries. He currently brews his beers at two locations, the Ipswich Ale Brewery (Bottles & Draft) and Kennebunkport Brewery (Cask).

You know what sounds really great right now? A lobster roll and a frosty draught of beer. And maybe a basket of clams. Fried Ipswich clams, now we're talking. And a table, seaside. Sigh. Somethings are hard to come by in mountain country.

Three Barrel Brewing Company

Operating under the motto, "Small Brewery, Big Beer," Three Barrel Brewing Company is beautifully located to serve up that which refreshes.
One of Colorado’s smallest microbreweries, [Three Barrel Brewing Co.] makes its home in Del Norte, Colorado (7,834 ft). Just a block off of highway 160, on the scenic rout of Southern Colorado on the way to the Continental Divide, Wolf Creek Pass, Pagosa Springs and Durango. Established in 2005, copper-clad Price-Shonstrum vessels serve the brewers: Hop Trash, Black Copter, Goofyfoot, Threedom Wheat. Come to Southern Colorado along headwaters of the Rio Grande River and enjoy some beer.

These Colorado natives are hardcore brewmasters. Can't wait to come for a visit and sample their wares!

So what separates a microbrewery from a craft brewery from a brewpub? And what, exactly, is a nanobrewery? Is that like having a tiny brew op in your kitchen....or is it more like Uncle Jesse's still in the holler? With more than 1600 smallish breweries making delicious beer in this country, it can get a little confusing. Well, turns out there's a formula, according to the U.S.-based Brewers Association. That's all well and good but to be honest, we just want to taste the beer. Because as the Brewers Association claims, "there has never been a better time or place to drink beer than in the US right now." Three cheers to that!

Lost Rhino Brewing Company

Here, have some pretzels. The brewmasters at Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, Virginia want you to stay thirsty.
We here at Lost Rhino Brewing Co. challenge the craft beer enthusiast to experience adventure and awesomeness in each of our beers. The brewery was born out of the fierce desire to keep the tradition of craft brewing alive in Northern Virginia. We were longtime brewers from Old Dominion and bought back the brewhouse and moved it to its new location in Ashburn, VA. It is here that we're brewing some of the most outstanding pilsners and ales in the Washington, DC area.

Their New River Pale Ale sounds hoppily delicious and burger-ready. And they make root beer, too!

And the name? It has something to do with surfing. As far as we know, no rhinoceroses were lost in the making of this beverage. They are however, having a hard time.