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Leah Stunts Hero Sticker = Wicked Cool

Leah Stunts' Sticker is Wicked Cool!

There's cool ... and then there's wicked cool. This one's the latter, and then some.

Leah Petersen's (a.k.a LeahStunts) love for motorcycle stunts lead her to create the StuntBums website and YouTube channel and into the world of professional stunt work. She's performed throughout the Americas and Europe and has graced the pages of Rides, Svet Moto, and Sportbikes, Inc magazines.

I stunt full sized sportbikes. I am also a tall, blond, American girl - people just like that combination I guess. I also tell stories, I like to connect with people through images and words. I've worked with clients from small family-owned businesses to global corporations.

The level of detail in Leah's hero sticker artwork is absolutely fantastic - from the intricate drilled rotors, chain and suspension, through the boot laces and purple protective gear, on to Leah's golden tresses and piercing blue eyes - it couldn't be cooler.

Every motorsports hero needs a sticker to share with the fans and this one's a duesy!

If you're in professional motorsports, we want to be your hero sticker printer. Drop us a line or give us a call and we'll get it rolling.

Ready for some two-wheeled action? Take a gander at Leah's stunt reel ...


Pinocchio's Ride for the TaTas

Pinocchio's Ride for the TaTas is an event that wears many hats. It's a motorcycle ride. It's a poker/raffle/prize event with a prime rib dinner and an after party. It's sponsored and organized by Reno, Nevada-based  Pinocchio’s Bar and Grill:
Pinocchio’s first store opened in March 1997 and has been providing a fun and casual dining experience for the last 13 years. Pinocchio’s second location is the newest addition to the family business and is located in Sparks, Nevada. This restaurant has a full dining area as well as a large bar, game room and a banquet room used for parties and has been open since April 2006. Pinocchio’s is a light hearted, family oriented, fun place to have a meal by yourself or with the whole gang. Come on in and see us, you’ll be happy you did!

And best of all? Besides the prime rib and the after party? Okay...and the motorcycles and poker and prizes? The best part is that they just raised $2 million! Because it's a fundraiser for Moms on the Run:
Moms on the Run is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2000 to raise money to assist local women with cancer. Funds raised will be donated to specific needs of women's cancers in Northern Nevada. We are local people helping local people.

Truly impressive and what a wonderful community effort. Way to go, tata riders!

Good Biker

Our neighbors across the way in Boulder, Good Biker, want to achieve complete and utter world domination in the performance lifestyle motorcycle apparel niche. Good Biker on every back, on every bike! Crush the competition!

Okay, so maybe we made up that last bit. But it does seem that they care about keeping you warm and dry when you ride.
Here at Good Biker, motorcycling is more than just our favorite thing to do. It's a way of life. We make functional and fashionable motorcycle apparel that's technical enough to wear on the bike and stylish enough to wear off the bike. We offer moisture wicking tees, technical winter base layers, and low bulk, high warmth thermal layers that work well alone or together to keep you comfortable in any weather. Whether you travel the world, commute to the office, carve the canyons, or cruise to the coffee shop, we hope that Good Biker puts a smile on your face and helps you Enjoy the Ride.

You know what else sounds fabricated? The crazy stories from News of the Weird. For 21 years we have been absolutely riveted by crazy tales of people doing stupid things involving bacon pants, bombproof underwear, and losing knife fights with cats. Good stuff! And unlike a lot of things you've read here, we can't make this stuff up, people.