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Mike Has A Special Delivery For You

I'll sign for that! Never mind Victoria's Secret. The roots of Mike Shampine's perky illustration style run back to the days of his youth in Alaska, where legend has it, he drew (literally) inspiration from stacks of comic books and Sears lingerie ads. I may be totally off, but I see a ... [Read More]

DJ Dimples

Come on. No matter one's level of badassery, toughety-toughness, or hardcorification, hearing "DJ Dimples" absolutely HAS to make one smile. Has to! And then when you hear what this Queen of the Turntables lays down....well, if your happy factor doesn't go up, you might be a zombie. Meet ... [Read More]

Nitro Circus

These guys are just frickin' crazy. They've got a show on MTV full of extreme sports stunts and general jackassery. If you want to see the kind of people who'll attempt a backflip in a monster truck, well, you'l love Nitro Circus. Check out full episodes at their website, and get tasty ... [Read More]

BEST - A Creative Utility Company

The creative team at BEST came to us with a special sticker project. They needed some kiss cut stickers that made their contest for the BEST company website stand out. The BEST team has world class experience, MTV, Starz, MLB and Comedy Central.... just to name a few of their ... [Read More]