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Mike Has A Special Delivery For You


I'll sign for that!

Never mind Victoria's Secret. The roots of Mike Shampine's perky illustration style run back to the days of his youth in Alaska, where legend has it, he drew (literally) inspiration from stacks of comic books and Sears lingerie ads. I may be totally off, but I see a hint of Vaughn Bode in Mike's work. His WWII aircraft nose art pin-up renderings literally pop off the page, in all the right ways.

Okay, so the Church Lady might not approve.

Mike majored in animation and illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. His clients include MTV, Nickelodeon, and Limited Too.

A selection of hand signed and numbered high-end giclee prints, including B-52 Belinda, KC-135 Cassie, AC-130 Shirley and C-17 Sally are available in Mike's shop.

StickerGiant loves to print awesome custom stickers for incredibly talented artists like Mike!

DJ Dimples


Come on. No matter one's level of badassery, toughety-toughness, or hardcorification, hearing "DJ Dimples" absolutely HAS to make one smile. Has to! And then when you hear what this Queen of the Turntables lays down....well, if your happy factor doesn't go up, you might be a zombie.
Meet DJ Dimples; a twenty-something, vivacious entrepreneur and female mogul in the making who, since the better half of 2002, has been making her moniker well-known amongst the likes of the entertainment industry elite. From her MTV Video Music Awards South Beach appearance to her upcoming projects in Amsterdam (Holland), Dimples definitely has her finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry and that’s only when she’s not the reason for it. Aside from numerous industry awards and nominations, including SEA’s Female DJ of the Year three consecutive years, Dj Dimples has spun a record in over 50 cities across the U.S. including but not limited to: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Philadelphia, D.C., Maryland and The Carolinas. As the sole creator of SweetHeat Miami, this year marks the fun-filled weekend’s fifth year of existence on sunny South Beach, Florida. With upcoming projects ranging from Puerto Rico to the capital of the Netherlands, Dimples is on a quest to provide the absolute highest quality of entertainment and her media conglomerate, 2Fly Entertainment & Marketing, is sure to prove just why this female DJ turned Entertainment power-player, will soon be a household name.

Wow, she has got it going on. The Sweetheat party sounds like a crazy good time, right? Makes us wish for the 20-20-20 factor: 20 years younger, 20 pounds lighter, 20 levels cooler. Because enthusiasm can only take you so far.

Chore Monster

Remember when weekends were fun? No school, no work, just doing whatever you felt like from dawn til the wee smalls? Yeah, neither do we. Seems weekends are made for 2 things: chores and convincing either yourself or someone else to do said chores. Enter Chore Monster, the digital taskmaster that aims to make Saturdays fun again! They've been getting some nice press and we can see why:
ChoreMonster is a suite of web and mobile apps for parents and kids that aims to make chores fun. Kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for personal rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or even a canoe trip. Parents can enjoy a simple, hassle-free, digital system that takes the tension out of family chores. Our mission at ChoreMonster is to improve the lives of parents and children with the tools they use every dayThe site (and eventually the iPhone/iPod Touch app) is divided into two separate areas — one for parents and one for kids (so that we can appeal visually, functionally and interactively to both audiences). A parent registers with the site, adds their child (or children), creates and assigns point values to each chore, then creates a reward for that child that they earn by saving up points. Kids have their own section where they check on current and upcoming chores, let their parents know if they're done, view potential rewards, and along the way gain various Monsters.

Sounds great! Unless you're one of those—ahem!—parents who spoil the good sense out of their children. You know who we're talking about. Really? What kid needs her own mini-mansion? Or a diamond-encrusted...anything? Don't blame the kids; this stuff starts at birth. Baby can't help it!


BEST - A Creative Utility Company

The creative team at BEST came to us with a special sticker project. They needed some kiss cut stickers that made their contest for the BEST company website stand out.

The BEST team has world class experience, MTV, Starz, MLB and Comedy Central.... just to name a few of their projects.

We love them, they get good work, they get quality manufacturing and they get printing. The BEST team is large and in charge and have created the BEST gig ever for themselves. Check out BEST if you need creative work that means something.

We printed 3 stickers for them. They were in silkscreen and kiss cut styles for easy removal of the die cut bursts, These stickers are high quality and will last a long long time.

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