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Custom circle stickers for the MCubed Project in Michigan printed by StickerGiant


The M-Cubed project? It stands for Michigan Multipurpose Minisat. As in a tiny satellite that does more than one thing that was developed by smart kids at the University of Michigan. In the summer of 2007, a small group of students took the opportunity to start a new project at the ... [Read More]


No joke: StickerGiant has breached the final frontier! One of the custom stickers we printed hitched a ride to the International Space Station in May 2011. And one of the kindly humans involved in STS-134 captured this image and the image somehow it made it to us. How cool is ... [Read More]


Did you ever think about how hard it must be to drive the space shuttle? What about parking it? NASA's Sensor Test for Orion Relative Navigation Risk Mitigation (STORRM) gives our astronauts a helping hand. Essentially, it's an intergalactic valet for the space shuttle. Or as they put ... [Read More]

International Observe The Moon Night

OMG! This is tomorrow! International Observe the Moon Night comes for the very first time September 18, 2010! It's being organized by a coalition of space science and astronomy organizations including Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Education and Public Outreach, the NASA Lunar Science ... [Read More]

StickerGiant is Going To Space

NASA has long been a StickerGiant customer, although none of the stickers we have printed for them have gone to space. That has changed, and we are going to space. NASA came to us with a sticker project for the HICO-RAIDS experiment payload project and a sticker we have printed will be ... [Read More]