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Uncle Miltie Has a Door for You


"If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build a Door."

While Milton Berle (a.k.a.: Uncle Miltie) was known for a lot of zany stuff, this quote is crystal clear.

Milton was the child of a paint salesman and a department store detective. His film career began with an appearance in the 1914 silent film classic, The Perils of Pauline where, as legend has it, he was thrown from a speeding train. At the age of six.

It was all uphill from there.

His silent film career spanned more than fifty films. While Milton went onto Broadway, vaudeville, the talkies, and radio, it was television that brought him the greatest success. His Texaco Star Theater, first broadcast in 1948 opened Milton's largest door.

When Milton originally went on the air, there were only 500,000 sets in the entire country. By mid-season, the number had skyrocketed to over a million and by 1954, mote than 26 million American homes had at least two television sets. He is reputed to have sold more television sets than any advertising campaign. - (the official Milton Berle website)

While there's an element of luck in everything, opportunity awaits only those that seek it.

It's up to you to build that door ...

And now, for something you've likely never seen before. Milton Berle with Harpo Marx, from the days when television was something special:

Opportunity Doesn't Find You. You Find It.


Couch potatoes take note.

The couch is a comfortable place to relax, once your job is done. You won't find destiny there, although destiny may find you (in an unfortunately starchy and tuberous way). If you want positive things to happen, you need to get off your duff.

"Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come,
sit up and make them!" - C.J. Walker

There are only so many days in a week, in a month, in a year, in a life. Our days are dealt out like cards from a deck, and we never know exactly what to expect. Some days you get a pair of twos. Some days you score a royal flush. It's the way that we play the cards that makes the difference. True victories come when you learn how to take that pair of twos and bluff you way into winning the hand.

Carpe Diem, my friends. Seize the day, before it seizes you.

You've Got Another Thing Coming


You've got another thing coming. And it might just be a bus.

Richard Branson is one of the coolest people in the universe, but you gotta wonder if was listening to Judas Priest when he coined that quote. It's kinda tough to picture him riding a bus, though.

If you think I'll sit around while you chip away my brain
Listen I ain't foolin' and you'd better think again
Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
You think I'll let it go you're mad
You got another thing comin

 - Judas Priest

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