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Uncle Miltie Has a Door for You

"If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build a Door." While Milton Berle (a.k.a.: Uncle Miltie) was known for a lot of zany stuff, this quote is crystal clear. Milton was the child of a paint salesman and a department store detective. His film career began with an appearance in the 1914 ... [Read More]

Opportunity Doesn't Find You. You Find It.

Couch potatoes take note. The couch is a comfortable place to relax, once your job is done. You won't find destiny there, although destiny may find you (in an unfortunately starchy and tuberous way). If you want positive things to happen, you need to get off your duff. "Don't sit ... [Read More]

You've Got Another Thing Coming

You've got another thing coming. And it might just be a bus. Richard Branson is one of the coolest people in the universe, but you gotta wonder if was listening to Judas Priest when he coined that quote. It's kinda tough to picture him riding a bus, though. If you think I'll sit ... [Read More]