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Hey, 3 Chicks Bartending ...

Three Chicks Bartending!

A great bartender makes all the difference. 3 Chicks Bartending takes it to the third level with "hand-crafted cocktails made with fresh, local and organic ingredients." The chicks are based in Boulder, Colorado and have been whipping up the finest cocktails for more than twenty years combined.

That's a whole lotta tasty libations ...

3 Chick's custom die-cut sticker is a splendid tribute to a dynamic trio, splashed with pink citrus goodness, stylish serif typography and a playful bow tie. Make mine a triple!

Imagine how cool it would be if you hired the 3 Chicks to tend bar at your next shindig and George Thorogood to belt out the tunes.

Hey Three Chicks Bartending, come down here
They got down there
So what you want?
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
Each served by a different chick
With the appropriate garnish
A pink bow tie, and a killer smile ...

Okay, so that didn't rhyme. :) Hey bartenders, fill up my glass!

Hoist One for Red Cup Republic!

Red Cup Republic Sticker

Nothing spells P-A-R-T-Y like a sea of hoisted red cups.

Colorful plastic disposable cups have become the ubiquitous symbol of a generation here in the great American imbibe-nation.

While Solo cups come in blue, black, brown, green, yellow, orange, clear and even gold, it's the the red cups that are solely associated with good times. It's a cultural phenomena unlike any we've ever seen. celebrates the meme with a line of tee-shirts, tank tops, wristbands, and of course, stickers ...

If you're looking to Bomb Jaeger, Not Countries, you've come to the right place.

So how did it all start?

Brothers Myles & Tanner grew up surrounded by family business and always had a knack and keen interest for entrepreneurship. Having always had the desire to start their own clothing line together, it all started with a single, simple design that read: "Party Like It's 2012".  With the instant popularity of the tee and successful sales to local, national and international customers, an independent clothing company was born and the burning desire to pursue such a venture.

Is it a social faux pas to set up a Pong table with yellow cups? Will a package of blue cups at that next kegger create the wrong vibe? Are green cups only appropriate for Saint Paddy's Day? Never mind that, it's time to make an Ice Run.

Just don't drink and drive or text Emily Post's grandkids when you're behind the wheel ...

Climb Onboard the Body Art Bus!

Body Art Bus

Looking for something completely different for your next backyard barbeque? Something to set your party off from every other party on the block this summer?

Have you considered hiring a mobile tattoo parlor? If you're in Southern California, you're in luck.

The Body Art Bus rolls out of Fallbrook and is SoCal’s only fully licensed mobile tattoo studio. This is not some sketchy rusted out van you'll find down by the river. It's modded from stem to stern and covered in awesome artwork, guaranteed to scare and inspire the kids. Step inside and you're in another world ...

The black and white line artwork on the Body Art Bus skull sticker is truly superb. The red lettering jump off the patch on the skull's trucker hat, straight into your eyeballs. The die-cut is to die for ... it ensures that the image will levitate off whatever surface it's stuck to.

Hats off to Joey, Jordan, Anthony, and Josh for seeing the bigger picture ...

We believe that giving back to the community in our own, unique way is something that is very important for people to realize that we are not just tattoo artists, but we are real people with kids, families, and friends and a community that we can benefit.

Before you consider having a tattoo party, be sure to check out this public service announcement: