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WordCamp Lancaster 2014

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This month StickerGiant is proud to be sponsoring WordCamp Lancaster and we are once again honored to be celebrating the creative community that surrounds WordPress. The weekend celebration includes a variety of workshops, presentations, parties and other personal-development events for WordPress junkies.

Held March 1st from Lancaster, Pennsylvania WordCamp Lancaster hosts expert speakers who target the fastest growing and most widely used web content management system — WordPress. WordPress is not only a key technology tool, it is also known for attracting a vibrant business community that enjoys the platform's under-friendly convenience. Even if you can’t make it to the event in Lancaster, it’s worth visiting the regular Wordcamp wiki to see if a WordCamp is happening in your area.

The Saturday event will provide a space for Lancaster community members to gather in sunny Downtown Lancaster from VisionCorps. Attendees will help to showcase the diversity of the local community whilst learning from each other. This event is great for anyone who uses or creates for WordPress; small business owners, bloggers, designers, developers or anyone else who has an interest in WordPress.

Be sure to pick up your StickerGiant schwag when you arrive at the venue. There are four event-specific stickers on the sheet, with three multicolor color event logos, along with our infamous and infinitely flaming StickerGiant logo.

Enhancing WordCamp engagement by printing custom sticker sheets like this a snap, and by combining a full gamut of color with intricate die-cutting ability. You dream it. We do it.

Upcoming WordCamps include:

Stoudt's Brewing Company


Sometimes, the hard work pays off and the good guys get ahead. At least, that's the story with Stoudt's Brewing Company in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. While the brewery opened in 1987, the Family Stoudt has been building their impressive empire for 50 years!
Whether you're a beer novice or afficionado, Stoudt's Brewing Company is a great destination for all beer lovers out there. As one of the pioneering craft breweries in America, Stoudt's offers a variety of amazing Lagers and Ales. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of our Brew Pub next door, where you can sample all of our seasonal and specialty beers. Check out a free tour at the brewery and pick up some beer to go at the bar!

Shop for antiques, then dine on angus beef and sip a fine brew? Don't mind if we do!

Apropos of nothing, did anyone SEE the bit on the Today show about that poor cat that weighs 39 pounds? THIRTY. NINE. POUNDS. Now, we love the felines as much as the next animal lover, but COME ON! That's the size of your average 3-year-old. What on earth was that poor thing eating? (besides everything, duh) Clearly, it's never met a buffet it couldn't conquer....and operates under an "all I can eat" motto. Wethinks it's time for an intervention, preferably televised. Anyone for Biggest Loser, Pet Edition?