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Caja del Campeón's Stickers are Smoking Hot


Sometimes a sticker is more than just a sticker. Sometimes it's magic.

Caja del Campeón's smoking hot pinup girl series is case in point. The company commissioned these two gorgeous beauties to use within the lids of their marvelous gentleman's valet boxes.

If there's a guy in your life that constantly misplaces his car keys, cellphone, sunglasses, and wallet, take note. These vintage cigar box storage units look like they were smuggled straight out of Cuba and are a fantastic gift for discriminating gents of all ages.

Hemingway's Santiago's may have struggled with a giant marlin, but he never forgot to plug in his iPhone.

Vivian and Victoria sit ready to greet a working man when his day is done, keeping watch over two levels of compartmentalized storage and a coin slip. There's even a handy notch for a cell phone's charger cord. What red-blooded male wouldn't be proud* to empty his pockets for these tastefully rendered temptresses?


Mike Has A Special Delivery For You


I'll sign for that!

Never mind Victoria's Secret. The roots of Mike Shampine's perky illustration style run back to the days of his youth in Alaska, where legend has it, he drew (literally) inspiration from stacks of comic books and Sears lingerie ads. I may be totally off, but I see a hint of Vaughn Bode in Mike's work. His WWII aircraft nose art pin-up renderings literally pop off the page, in all the right ways.

Okay, so the Church Lady might not approve.

Mike majored in animation and illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. His clients include MTV, Nickelodeon, and Limited Too.

A selection of hand signed and numbered high-end giclee prints, including B-52 Belinda, KC-135 Cassie, AC-130 Shirley and C-17 Sally are available in Mike's shop.

StickerGiant loves to print awesome custom stickers for incredibly talented artists like Mike!

Cheesecake and Jeeps: A Match Made in Heaven

Take a look under the hood of George's gorgeous metallic orange Jeep 4X4. It's so incredibly clean that you could lick cheesecake off of it. Wait-a-minute ... it's covered in cheesecake ... stickers, that is!

Since this is Tuesday, we're obligated to post a trivia question. Alas, today's titillating tidbit isn't about perky pinups, it's about Jeeps.

And the question is:

Q: What three companies competed in 1939 to create the Jeep for the United States Military?

And now to add a bit of suspense ...

George's Jeep

A: According to, it was Bantam, Willy-Overland, and Ford.

Legend has it that the Bantam Blitzbuggy was first to the line, only to be knocked off by the Willys Quad and the Ford Pygmy. (Seriously? The Pygmy?)

The Perils of Mountain Biking. A.K.A: Wear Your Lid

Wear Your Lid

Mountain biking is an awesome sport, but it's not something to approach casually. This note from a StickerGiant devotee shares a harrowing experience and an awesomely positive attitude...

This is my mountain bike helmet. I had a pretty severe crash with it, lost traction going very fast on a wide turn, flew about 15 feet and crashed on a rock wall. At first I thought it was just the usual pain... but life had something else for me in store that day. I spent a week at the hospital healing from the surgery to fix my broken arm and some ugly hematomas that wouldn't let me move much.

I'm all good now, but that episode made me realize how really lucky I really am and how quickly you can get... very unlucky. To have a body that works, go out there, explore, go fast and have fun is really a blessing. So I put Sarah there. It says "Lucky." I think it fits the bill. Plus she looks nice ;).

It's good to have luck in spades, but it's not often you pull six diamonds out of the deck. That's why money spent on a quality helmet is never a gamble.