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Once Upon a Time in 1977


Back in 1977, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Saturday Night Fever, were the top grossing movies. Jimmy Carter took office, vinyl was fading, cassette tapes ruled the day, compact discs hadn't hit the scene, and those clunky old 8-track cartridges were still hanging around. Donna Summer released her sixth record album, Once Upon a Time, a double album extravaganza.

She failed to crack the top 100 with a single.

Once Upon a Time in 1977 is a "disco-centric science fiction adventure" film by Chris and Anne Lukeman of Kill Vampire Lincoln Productions, in Champaign, Illinois.

In the probably-alternate 1970s, disco is king and tensions are high. Scientist heroes Jack and Sam try to balance normal family lives with ray guns, robots, and an ominous portal in time and space.

Disco jeans and haircuts! It's 28 minutes of Retro Disco Sci-Fi.

Once Upon a Time in 1977 screened at the New Art Film Festival in Champaign last month. While it doesn't appear that a trailer has hit the Internet (yet), here's a slightly earlier incarnation (Once Upon a Time in 1972) of Chris and Anne's awesome work ...


Mike Has A Special Delivery For You


I'll sign for that!

Never mind Victoria's Secret. The roots of Mike Shampine's perky illustration style run back to the days of his youth in Alaska, where legend has it, he drew (literally) inspiration from stacks of comic books and Sears lingerie ads. I may be totally off, but I see a hint of Vaughn Bode in Mike's work. His WWII aircraft nose art pin-up renderings literally pop off the page, in all the right ways.

Okay, so the Church Lady might not approve.

Mike majored in animation and illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. His clients include MTV, Nickelodeon, and Limited Too.

A selection of hand signed and numbered high-end giclee prints, including B-52 Belinda, KC-135 Cassie, AC-130 Shirley and C-17 Sally are available in Mike's shop.

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