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What Are CMYK And RGB Color Modes?

The difference between RGB(red, green, blue) and CMYK(cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

RGB is an additive color mode, which means you add the red, green, and blue light into your black monitor to get all the colors.

The more light you add, the brighter everything gets.

CMYK is a subtractive color mode, which means you subtract light from a piece of paper (or in our case a sticker) by adding more and more ink.

The more ink you add the darker everything gets.

So basically RGB is for on screen color and CMYK is for printing.

Here we have the RGB color spectrum. It is currently in the RGB mode, but if we go up to the image menu, go to mode, and select CMYK you can see it changes slightly and looks darker. That is because black is added in to show how your image will look once printed. Now you know the difference between RGB and CMYK color modes.

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Convert an image from RGB to CMYK in Photoshop

How to change an image from RGB to CMYK.

For an image to be print ready, you must convert your image to CMYK.

When you open an image in Photoshop the default color mode is usually RGB.

To check, go to the image menu and select mode. As you can see it is RGB. But it needs to be CMYK, so change it to CMYK and your good to go.

Now your one closer to your sticker.

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