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Sticker of Church Logo Embodies The Spirit of Community


In 2005 a journey for 16 people sitting in a living room in northwest San Antonio began.  They wanted to welcome people into a community and church that did not care about denominations.  What they cared about was helping people with a friendly community and to spread the word of the New Testament and discover God’s purposes.

In addition to their sermons, Journey Church also provides various Life Groups for people to partake in socially to help them feel like a more cohesive community.  These groups are usually held in a similar place to where Journey Church started; someone’s living room.

With two simple arches converging into one over the name of Journey Church on their sticker we see simplicity and partnership.  StickerGiant is proud to help Journey Church reach out with these beautiful simple stickers and let you know you’re not alone on your journey.

Ready to start a new journey of your own?  Contact StickerGiant to create your own stickers and journey down the road to building your own cohesive community.

San Antonio Hash House Harriers? Tag That!

San Antonio Hash House Harriers

The San Antonio Hash House Harriers are a 21-and-older social walking/running club based in - you guessed it - San Antonio, Texas. Needless to say, they're not your typical group of fitness fanatics.

So you're thinking ... "what is this hash, they speak of?" "Does it have something to do with breakfast? Or an illegal substance of some sort?"

Well, you're in luck, seeing that this is Trivia Tuesday ...

Q: What is Hashing?






We'll let the hasher's explain ...

A: Hashing is loosely based on the chase between the hare(s) (or fox if you prefer) and the hounds (the pack). Hashers meet at a predetermined location at a set time. Once all the hashers are gathered, one or more hashers will start to lay trail (they are the hares). After several minutes, the pack will follow the hares trail trying to catch the him or her (Hare Snare). The trail is usually cross country, through bushes, water, mud, hills and whatever else the hares can find to run the pack through. The pack follows the marks left by the hares (trail) to the finish (On-In). But there’s a little twist – the hares are tricky little wankers who try deceive the pack. Although the hares do lay a true trail to the finish, they also lay false trails as well to deceive the pack in order not to get snared. Once the all the pack has reached the On-In, the hashers socialize, sing songs and most importantly, drink BEER, or the beverage of your choice.

So there you have it. More fun than a simple run, a hash is all about the fun and frivolity. And the beer. And the shiggy (a.k.a.: brush, brambles, streams, and mud).

Legend has it that the SAH3 can be found every Sunday, hashing it out at 3:30 PM somewhere in the general vicinity of San Antonio.