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Will McCranie Goes Solo

Will McCranie

Ain't that Strange? Sure it is!

We recently printed this super cool set of colorful stickers for singer-songwriter Will McCranie. Will is currently in the studio with producer/musician Matty Amendola, recording I Know I Didn’t Know Anything, his first full-length album. The album is due this fall.

If you happen to be down South, you're in luck. The month of June will be packed with Will's live solo performances, including six shows in Georgia and one in Tennessee:
06/05/2013 - The World Famous - Athens, GA - 8pm

06/06/2013 - Zac Brown's Southern Ground Social Club - Senoia, GA - 8pm
06/07/2013 - Roasted Cafe & Lounge - Macon, GA - 8pm

06/09/2013 - Wild Wing Cafe - Augusta, GA - 10pm
06/19/2013 - Stillwater Taproom - Augusta, GA - 9pm

06/20/2013 - Smith's Olde Bar w/ Daphne Willis - Atlanta, GA - 9pm

06/22/2013 - The Acoustic Coffeehouse - Johnson City, TN - 8pm

You've never heard the Beastie Boys' classic You've Gotta Fight (for Your Right to Party) quite like this ...

Remember that girl from high school? The one you thought you'd never see again?

Check out the music video for Ain't that Strange, the first single from I Know I Didn’t Know Anything ...

Is There Anything Sweeter Than The Honey Dewdrops?

Honey Dewdrops

Once upon a time, there was a roadhouse out on the highway, The Dew Drop Inn. I must have driven past it hundreds, if not thousands of times. The sign always beckoned, but I never gave into its call. Then one night I noticed that the the neon wasn't lit, and the tavern windows were dark. I never found out what kind of place it really was. If I close my eyes, I can see peanut shells on the wide pine floor and the sweet sound of bluegrass band playing from a makeshift stage.

The Honey Dewdrops are the Virginia-based roots duet of Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish. With a blend of new Americana and traditional folk music, they create inspired songs that are rooted in the experience and lives of people. Their sound is transcendent; they write all their own songs and yet no one could ever peg them as just another singer-songwriter couple, not when they’ve embedded a sparse Appalachian clarity on every track that is accessible to listeners everywhere. The songs they write shine with energy and emotion through intimate performances with a handful of acoustic instruments and tightly layered harmonies.

It's not just the Honey Drewdrops' songs that are inspired, it's their stickers, too. Take a gander at this remarkable design. It looks like a woodcut print on a piece of parchment paper ... which the original artwork might be ... Through the magic of digitization and our space-age digital printing system, we were able to due justice to the original artwork.

Here's the Honey Dewdrops performing 'Hills of my Home' at the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival:

You should pick up a copy of their second album, "These Old Roots."

Audrey Auld: Wood

Just because you aren't from around here doesn't mean you can't beat the locals at their own game—blue-eyed soul, anyone?—at least some of the time. As Jerry Lewis charming the French, any pop star who's big in Japan, and the phenomena that is Rick Bayliss has taught us, provenance is only one part of the game. Hence, Audrey Auld is the Aussie with the voice of a Low Country angel.
Devils are not the only thing to come from Tasmania. Audrey Auld's heart is in Country, Folk and Americana music with a presence as big as The Outback. Her songs are the wry and poignant observations of an Aussie girl living in California and then Nashville, since 2003. An honest and witty writer, Audrey is never afraid to venture into the dark places of life and shine a humorous light upon them. Her songs are heard on the Grand Ole Opry and Fox TV shows “Justified” and “The Good Guys”. Auld's 2012 album Resurrection Moon is a retrospective collection of tracks taken from her 10 album catalogue. Wood is a 5-track acoustic tribute to Woody Guthrie. Auld lives in East Nashville with her husband, dogs, chickens and frogs, growing food, writing songs, recording and touring.

And to celebrate the centennial of the birth of a hero, Auld recorded a limited edition CD honoring Woody Guthrie. We can't wait to give it a listen! And, boy look at that sticker. As the Okie from Okemah would have said, "this sticker was made for you and me." Or something like that.