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Will McCranie Goes Solo

Ain't that Strange? Sure it is! We recently printed this super cool set of colorful stickers for singer-songwriter Will McCranie. Will is currently in the studio with producer/musician Matty Amendola, recording I Know I Didn’t Know Anything, his first full-length album. The album is ... [Read More]

Is There Anything Sweeter Than The Honey Dewdrops?

Once upon a time, there was a roadhouse out on the highway, The Dew Drop Inn. I must have driven past it hundreds, if not thousands of times. The sign always beckoned, but I never gave into its call. Then one night I noticed that the the neon wasn't lit, and the tavern windows were dark. ... [Read More]

Audrey Auld: Wood

Just because you aren't from around here doesn't mean you can't beat the locals at their own game—blue-eyed soul, anyone?—at least some of the time. As Jerry Lewis charming the French, any pop star who's big in Japan, and the phenomena that is Rick Bayliss has taught us, provenance is ... [Read More]