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Teaching Fido to Ollie

Cool Skateboarding Dog

Give me a paw, roll over and play dead, go fetch ... none of that cuts the mustard these days.

The masses want to see something new.

Blame it on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks, America's Funniest Home Videos, and YouTube.

Everyone loves a dog with a special skill.

But where would we be without those televised canine acts of wonder?

What tantalizing tidbits of trivial entertainment would entertain the nation for the next fifteen seconds?

Dogs, both old and new, are under constant pressure to develop new material. They are the clowns that work tirelessly to keep us amused. They have been sent to Earth on a lifelong mission to keep us happy.

It's a dog's life, as the saying goes. But what does that really mean?

When dogs are but wee pups, the seriousness has yet to seep into their bones. Everything is new. The most simple thing brings amazement and the oh-so-familiar tilt of the head ... as if to say, what's up with that?

No one taught that little trick to the new dog. It was a built-in response.

Getting Fido on a skateboard, now that's something new.

Well, as new as skateboards are, that is ... for surely, as long as there have been skateboards, someone's been trying to teach their dog to cruise the sidewalks.

This video of Tillman the skateboarding bulldog has rolled up well over twenty million views on YouTube. Now that's the new American dream ...

In the words of the immortal Joe Strummer, "Plato the Greek or Rin Tin Tin. Who's more famous to the billion millions?"

Life is too important to be taken seriously.
- Oscar Wilde

Pushwood App: Radar for Skateparks


[Editor's Note: Pushwood's site is no longer in service. We've kept their story here.]

Scouting out new places to skate?

The Pushwood App is a super cool community-powered database of skateparks. If you have an iPhone, you're in luck.

The app provides birds-eye view satellite images along with user-generated photos. There's even a skatepark battle where parks duke it out in a popularity contest. If you're on a Cross-Country (or Trans-Atlantic) Skateboard Safari, the Pushwood app is a gotta-have.

As of this writing, Pushwood's top ten user-rated skateparks are:


  • Ocean Beach Skatepark (Robb Field) - San Diego, California

  • Bowling Green Skatepark - Bowling Green, Kentucky

  • Memorial - San Diego, California

  • OTT Family YMCA Skate Park - Tucson, Arizona

  • Nathan Lazarus Skatepark - Nederland, Colorado

  • Desert Breeze Skatepark - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Shawnee Skatepark - Shawnee, Kansas

  • Newport Skate Park Newport, UK

  • Nashville Skatepark - Nashville, Tennessee

  • Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA - Encinitas, California


The app is compatible with iPhones, the iPod touch, and the iPad. It's optimized for iPhone 5, but will run on the iPod Touch and the iPad, as well, as long as you're running iOS 4.3 or later.

Best of all? It's free!

Slap a Flip Sticker On It


With its UK roots, Flip Skateboards is quite unique among skateboard companies. Flip moved to Huntington Beach, California in their early days and now call Santa Cruz home turf. While the team has changed over the years, professional skateboarder Geoff Rowley remains a co-owner of Flip.

We currently have two Flip stickers in the StickerGiant skateboard sticker store ... the gold and green design shown above (perfect for Green Bay Packers fans) and a black with silver outline design (for all the Raiders fans out there).

What makes Flip different? This over-the-top video from Thrasher Magazine should give you a little taste of what they're all about ...

Flip's Cheech and Chong board was first offered back in 1996 and is still one of their most beloved and best selling models.

Cry Baby Skateboads

With a "stop crying/start buying" attitude, the guys at Cry Baby Skateboads are not your rated-G deck sellers:

Which frankly, we find refreshing (even though it means we can't share too much of their stuff on this, our family-friendly blog. And no, that's not a typo. They sell skateboads.


FlatFace Fingerboards

FlatFace Fingerboards

FlatFace Fingerboards

Man, I thought for sure this one was a joke. Little tiny skateboards for your fingers. But no, they're real, FlatFace Fingerboards are indeed real, and these little toys can get surprisingly expensive, and amazingly intricate. Look at their prices for complete fingerboard sets! If you want, you can spend a lot of money on these tiny replicas of skateboards, not to mention the tiny ramps and rails and miniature park benches you need to fingerskate them on.

Of course, like any good retailer, FlatFace has boards to meet many budgets. They even have a eBay store. And where else are you gonna get your fingerboarding t-shirts? Well, a good place to start actually is Fingerboarding Weekly. No I am not making this up. It's a website and online magazine that wants to be the nexus of the fingerboarding world. It's good to have goals.