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Keep Your Feet on the Ground with Ganja Grip

For decades, skateboarding has been an underground culture in America and has only started to recently see more mainstream coverage thanks to events like the X Games and poster boy skater dudes like Tony Hawk. On the other hand, the marijuana culture has been enjoying newfound fame, as ... [Read More]

The Animus Code is All About the Art of Self-Expression

Art is a lot like beauty - it depends on who is looking at it as to the quality of the piece. Some enjoy the classic lines and subtle renderings of Monet or Picasso, while others love the abstract designs of Jackson Pollack. Art can be sculpture, or video games. It can be painted with ... [Read More]

80HD Skate Company - Chimps on Wheels

Get your skate monkey on! The 80 HD Skate Company is a new skateboarding and apparel lifestyle brand, out of Charlotte, North Carolina, founded in July of 2012 by Owner/Founder/Designer/Photographer Alex Ramsey. 80 HD currently offers two skateboard decks for sale on line, the ... [Read More]

Embassy Board Shop

Don't be scurred, boys and girls! True, you're looking at a masked man. But have you ever seen such a great smile? And really, what self-respecting stick-up man would don a baby pink mask? Not so menacing, is he? Sure, skate punks like you to think they're tough, but deep down they love ... [Read More]
Square Logo Stickers for Public Eye Skateboards in Lafayette, CO printed by StickerGiant

Public Eye Skateboards

Our neighbors in Lafayette, Public Eye Skateboards know what a kid wants. Ahem, it IS almost Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Eid. Grandma and Grandpa, are you listening? We Make Skateboard Shopping Simple for Parents & Grandparents! Skateboard shopping can be very intimidating for family ... [Read More]