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Got Dings? Call the Ding Doctor!


Don't let your surfin' safari get derailed by a dinged up board. Call the Ding Doctor!

Ding DR Surfboard Repair's one-color stickers get right to the point, with their website address and phone numbers for both of their shops in big bold print.

The Ding Doc has two convenient locations in Southern California. If your board gets banged up, stop by their shop in the heart of Huntington Beach or in San Clemente (at 102 West El Portal, behind The Rug Store) and they'll sort things out.

We have a massive supply of Future and F.C.S. fins as well as Astrodeck traction pads and sandals. We also keep all other surfboard accessories in stock, including ding repair kits, Solarez, board bags, leashes ...

And now for a wee bit of surfing trivia.

Q: Losing your board to the waves can be a bummer. Who is credited with creating the surfboard leash?







A: In 1971, Pat O'Neill invented the modern surfboard leash by combining a suction cup with surgical cord. (source: Popular Mechanics)


Climb Onboard the Body Art Bus!

Body Art Bus

Looking for something completely different for your next backyard barbeque? Something to set your party off from every other party on the block this summer?

Have you considered hiring a mobile tattoo parlor? If you're in Southern California, you're in luck.

The Body Art Bus rolls out of Fallbrook and is SoCal’s only fully licensed mobile tattoo studio. This is not some sketchy rusted out van you'll find down by the river. It's modded from stem to stern and covered in awesome artwork, guaranteed to scare and inspire the kids. Step inside and you're in another world ...

The black and white line artwork on the Body Art Bus skull sticker is truly superb. The red lettering jump off the patch on the skull's trucker hat, straight into your eyeballs. The die-cut is to die for ... it ensures that the image will levitate off whatever surface it's stuck to.

Hats off to Joey, Jordan, Anthony, and Josh for seeing the bigger picture ...

We believe that giving back to the community in our own, unique way is something that is very important for people to realize that we are not just tattoo artists, but we are real people with kids, families, and friends and a community that we can benefit.

Before you consider having a tattoo party, be sure to check out this public service announcement:



Okay, RIDERS SoCal, you may think of yourselves as "just a bunch of guys that wanna to go riding" but we see more than that. A ride calendar? Custom swag? Clear vinyl stickers? You guys look like a bunch of off-road motor biking, dusty trail riding, x-country running-on-empty dudes with serious skills. You're organized. It's cool: we know you're hard core.

And those sick videos makes it feel like we're right there with you, cruising through the beautiful desert and mountainous areas of Southern California (Do I have dust in my teeth? Of course not, I was wearing a helmet). Nice!