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Booster: Gas Delivered


This may be the greatest thing since the toaster. Okay, maybe more like Uber. Booster is a company that provides an app based service where they will deliver gas to your vehicle and it involves a sticker too.

Say what? Yes, it involves a beautiful custom sticker and they will deliver gas to you. How it works is pretty simple. Download the Booster app. Order a boost. Pop the door. Enjoy the day. Booster drives to your car's location, with the fuel door unlocked, or popped, they fill it up and you skip the gas station.

Booster printed up some custom kiss cut stickers with us for users to place on their rear windshield near the gas tank to help the drivers spot the car and it qualifies them for special promotions all at the same time. The sticker design is none other than a graphic of the purple booster gas truck.

The power of stickers giving a boost to the future of gas delivery.

Creative Uses for Stickers That Promote Your Brand

changemaker sticker on cardboard box stickergiant

Stickers are a cost-effective way to brand your product and get the word out about your cause – who doesn’t love a free sticker? The cooler, the better. Some people actually collect stickers from their favorite places or events, which means getting your stickers out there in the hands of the general public increases your chances of drawing in loyal customers. Building a fan base is one ultimate key to success.

Most people are used to getting stickers in the mail with their order, but why not move your stickers to the streets? There are plenty of blank spots in the city just waiting to be stickered, so grab a handful of people and get to it!

Here are just a few examples of places your can stick your logo:

  • Trash cans – Everyone has to use them at some point in the day, so why not create a focal point while doing so? Slap a sticker under the lid or on the outside and give people something to smile about.

  • Car windows – Not on the window itself, as that would be vandalism, but under the wiper blades! If you’ve got the time and energy, you can create a little flyer with a sticker stapled to it then attack a local parking lot with your brand.

  • Bulletin boards – A lot of local businesses have a cork board set up where advertisements and business cards go, so go sticker them! If you want to give customers a way to contact you directly, leave a business card with the sticker, too. Otherwise, let the intrigue of your design encourage them seek you out. 

There are lots of creative ways to get all eyes on you – the crazier, the better! Make sure you keep it legal and think outside the box. Now that you know empty spots are just sticker places waiting to happen, keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic places to stick one down.

Ian's Pizzas : Stickers and a Slice

Ian's Pizzas!

College students in Madison, Wisconsin learn three important facts without dropping a dime on tuition. 1) Pizza is one of the essential food groups. 2) Stickers are an essential part of a successful marketing campaign. 3) Mac and Cheese Pizza? It's a thing and Ian's Pizza is the place to get it.

Ian's uses sticker marketing to spread their deliciously cheesey gospel. They print up 10,000 stickers at a time and keep a big bowl of free stickers on the counter. “It’s a huge branding tool for us,” Ian’s marketing director Adam May explains. “When someone takes 15 stickers and sticks them on 15 different people and it grows from there, it’s like going viral online.”

Whether those stickers end up on a bumper, a backpack, or the back pocket of a pair of jeans is anyone's guess. Sticker marketing is random, organic, and truly social.

“The best thing that could happen for us is when you’re out on a Friday night not thinking about Ian’s at all, and someone walks by with a sticker on his back and you think, ‘I need to go to Ian’s. That’s where the party’s at. I need to get a slice and a sticker.’ ”

Want to read more about the success at Ian's Pizza and how they use stickers in their marketing efforts? Download the case study.

Want to sample a slice of Ian's Mac and Cheese? You gotta get on the bus to Madison ...