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Team StickerGiant: Meet Jane

In keeping with our "Know your StickerGiant" theme, we present Jane, who operates our big beast of a laser die cutting machine. If you've printed a custom sticker with us, Jane has made sure you can peel, stick, and repeat in whatever shape you desire. We asked what floats her boat, and this is what she said.

Name & Position: Jane. I operate the machine that lasers out the stickers into the many  and varied shapes our customers request.

Time with StickerGiant: 1.5 years

Best part of the job? Working with fun/smart people who are completely committed to making great stickers and delivering ridiculously good customer service.

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado.

Hidden talent: Does wiggling my ears count?

Cake or pie? Love 'em both, but brownies are my weakness.

Number one item on my bucket list? Fly to the East coast with my kids where we'd see a Broadway show and a day game at Fenway.

Favorite season and why? Spring. Love the flowers and the birds and the bright blue Colorado sky.

Cats or dogs? A Sophie's Choice, for sure! Gotta go with dogs only because allergies force me to love cats from a distance.

The last movie I watched/book I read was: Most recently I watched Race to Nowhere, about education in America. Most recent read was The Other Wes Moore. I highly recommend both for their thought-provoking subject matter.

Favorite use for a sticker? The colorful and shameless promotion of folks' favorite beers, bands, businesses, charities, events, teams, and projects.

Prediction for 2012? Day will follow night roughly 365 times.

StickerGiant by the Numbers

And now for a little bit more of our story. Sometimes the best way to get an idea about something is through simple accounting. Add it up, see what shakes out, and read the story between the lines. With apologies to Harper's Index, we give you StickerGiant by the Numbers.

Years in operation: 12

First sticker sold (on our first sticker site, He Is Not My President

Most recent favorite sticker printed: Culture Couture (blog post coming soon!)

First office location: Fischer family basement in Longmont, Colorado

Estimated square footage of first office: 500

Current location: Hygiene, Colorado

Estimated square footage of current operation:  5,000

Number of office moves:  1

Number of expansions: 4

Number of employees: 16

Full time employees:  13

Part time employees:  3

Employee with longest tenure:  Maureen (8 years!)

Approximate number of repeat customers: 75,000

Average sticker print run:  1,000

Minimum number of print runs a month:  2,000

Miles of sticker substrate used per month:  20

Estimated solar and/or wind power usage based on percentage of monthly consumption: 100

Average number of packages sent per day:  225

Busiest month (on average): September

Most memorable media moment of 2011:  Jeopardy! answer

Most recent press mention: Wall Street Journal

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