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Do You Put Stickers on Your Car?

Car Sticker Lover Vs. Car Sticker Hater? StickerGiant has been in the sticker manufacturing business for a long time, which seems to make us more interested in where sticker enthusiasts place their product.  We've recently noticed a high number of collectors in the area driving around in ... [Read More]

Blackstrap BBQ

Man, sometimes you just want to eat some barbecue, ya know? I'd eat a lot if there were great barbecue joints, like, within walking distance. I'm hungry but I'm lazy. Right now I wish Blackstrap BBQ was a lot closer than Winthrop, MA: Blackstrap BBQ offers top quality slow-smoked ... [Read More]

Firefox Gone Mobile

Today seemed like a good day to mention Firefox, what with the release of Firefox 4. You may not know yet that they have a mobile browser nicknamed Fennec and now called Firefox Mobile. Just like in the sticker, go to to get it. I did. It's available for Android ... [Read More]

WordPress Born In Texas

That's a nice sticker. Iconography, typography, color. I initially thought this was a WordCamp Texas sticker, except a peek at WordCamp Central says there's no Texas WordCamp, but instead an Austin, Dallas and maybe a Houston edition. So I'm gonna take this as another in the series of ... [Read More]
Custom Oval Stickers for Kleinpeter Sweetie Pie

Kleinpeter Sweetie Pie

I think this is such a cute sticker! That's a cow named Sweetie Pie at Kleinpeter Dairy Farms in Louisiana. She got her name from suggestions from Kleinpeter fans. Look at that perfect heart on her forehead! Kleinpeter is a cool dairy farm that takes special care of their cows: We are ... [Read More]

Laughing Squid stickers SASE

Just a quick one to remind you that StickerGiant fulfills Laughing Squid sticker requests! Send a SASE like the one in the picture and we'll send you out a free Laughing Squid sticker. Laughing Squid is an online resource for art, culture & technology and independent web hosting ... [Read More]