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Meet Amy, General Manager Extraordinaire

Meet StickerGiant employee Amy

Like the title above suggests, Amy is StickerGiant's General Manager and the front line when it comes to synergizing the needs of customers with that of employees. She's an advocate, a jack-of-all-trades, and a cheerleader who often supports operations behind the scenes.

The role Amy plays is one of streamlining communications to keep everyone in the company running at optimal production. In many ways it's a thankless job, but we all appreciate the leadership Amy offers - her poise and dedication make her uniquely qualified and definitely one of a kind!

Most recently, Amy can be seen sporting work overalls while she tackles the role of project manager for our recent front office renovations. She's a teacher by training, a skill that has proven invaluable when managing the day-to-day operations of a bustling sticker printer like StickerGiant.

Start your order of custom stickers today and let Amy's dedication to quality shine through in your stickers!


Take an In-Depth Look at Our Full Color Stickers

Experimenting with color in art is nothing new, and has been done for thousands of centuries all around the world. When the photograph was invented, all pictures printed in black-and-white - and later sepia - but never quite reached the critical peak of full color until the mid-20th century. As technology has progressed, so have our full color ways, which is why StickerGiant is so excited to bring those bright, vibrant colors to each and every sticker order.

The video above is our founder and CEO John Fischer giving a quick synopsis of full color stickers and what they mean for you. We can match any Pantone colors, as well as the colors on any sample that's provided to us. All of our stickers are printed in high resolution for the best color matching available, and the digital press we use has stunning color reproduction capabilities.

There's no need to settle for less when you know you can have the very best, and that's what StickerGiant is committed to bringing to you with every sticker we print. Start your order today and see for yourself why we're unmatched in the custom sticker market.



Did you Know that StickerGiant has a Theme Song?

Some of the most iconic brands of the 20th century and beyond have had ear-splittingly catchy jingles that you can't seem to stop humming. Anyone remember the Meow Mix cat song? Or how about the one for Chili's baby back ribs? Some earworms are just too good to go away, and some should have never made it to production.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a theme song or jingle can be found in the most unlikely places - like StickerGiant!

Daniel Braha is a longtime friend of StickerGiant, and a super creative guy. With his love of song in his heart and a backpack full of necessities, he travels the world to seek out new experiences and make some awesome friends along the way. Daniel was gracious enough to bestow upon us his gift of music in the form of a StickerGiant theme song, which is featured above, done on the fly during an impromptu jam session. How cool is that?

StickerGiant loves to support artistic endeavors, and Daniel is just one of many friends we have that keep the lighthearted nature going at all times. We hope that same artistic impression is reflected in your stickers, too! Ready to start your order? It's never too late to turn your bright idea into an iconic piece of history!


Meet StickerGiant Employee Jane!

Meet StickerGiant employee Jane

Jane is our resident Laser Operator and a force to be reckoned with here at StickerGiant. Above all else, she's a great friend - the kind that really pays attention to the needs of others. She's always quick to jump in and lend a helping hand, and she really listens and observes, which makes her incredibly intuitive in not just her mechanical role, but also as a coworker.
She recently publicly recited a poem she wrote about StickerGiant, and it was so moving and lovely we thought we'd share it with all of you:

Giant History, Giant Heart

"It began in a bar

(as many things do)

guys with beers and bad judgement

and nuthin' to do.

They were drawing out doodles

on napkins and coasters--

They were dreamers and young

and blowhards and boasters.

Concocting schemes to align

Their riches and stars

When one dude grabs a doodle

from the top of the bar,

Took a sip of his beer

and let his dreams go far.

It was a sketch of a giant--

beard crazy / eyes wild.

Primitive, minimal--

like the work of a child.

But he held it aloft and

proclaimed with some fire--

'It is with this image

That I do aspire

To plant seeds of my future

and grow my empire!"

The friends had a laugh,

Took a drag

and rolled their eyes--

you believe the nerve of this guy?

Who was this drunken,

delusional wisher?

It was, of course

our boss, John Fischer.

He began with that sketch,

Then made a sticker

Sold it to folks--

Then the plot got thicker.

He decided to print art

That people would send

He bought tech from abroad

and now there's no end

to the stickers we make

and the stories they tell,

The lives we touch

and the dreams we sell.

It is true--it began

with beer and bad art

but the thing that remains

is the soul and The Heart.

'Cause though we make lovely

stickers and labels

and all the rest

There is something else

StickerGiant does best.

Even when we're busy and put to the test

My sister and brother, we treat

people right and take care of each other.

If you work there I think you know what I mean,

Here's to us in 2015!

We love to be creative and express our many talents, and this is one of the many lovely qualities that make Jane a true pleasure to be around. Place a sticker order with us, and Jane will get to work on making them as spectacular as possible. Cheers!

Happy Holidays From All of Us at StickerGiant!

Happy Holidays from StickerGiant

 'Twas the night before Christmas at StickerGiant HQ

Not  a creature was stirring, that much is true

The machines were turned off which is totally rare

And all orders were handled with holiday care


When from the front door there rose such a clatter!

We ran to the windows to see what was the matter

A jolly red man in a bright red suit

Was hauling around a swag bag of loot


There were stickers galore, and rolled labels, too

Logos and products and lots more for you

We threw up our hands as we cried at the sight

Have a great holiday and a great Christmas night!

Happy holidays from all of us here at StickerGiant! To celebrate, here's a video of us singing "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. We hope you enjoy it!

Marketing Your Stickers in the Digital World

StickerGiant stickers can be used in the digital age, too!

There are only so many ways a sticker can be used in the real world, and if you're trying to successfully market your product then you've probably used (almost) all of them. Finding the right marketing strategies can be really time-consuming, even with a dedicated marketing person, so there's no better time than now to start harnessing the power of the digital revolution for daily marketing methods.

With the new year rapidly approaching, start getting your ideas into gear for a brand-new marketing launch in 2015. Stickers are no longer about the physical message they can spread, but the connection your customers and clients feel towards your brand as a whole. It's all about keeping your current customers satisfied and introducing yourself to new ones, and social media can play a bigger role in all of this than you could imagine.

Hashtags have exploded in popularity over the last few years thanks to Twitter, and other social media groups have gotten on board the bandwagon as well, with LinkedIn and Facebook joining the fray, too.

  • Create a special #hashtag for your company and use it in conjunction with the stickers, perhaps through a giveaway: whoever responds to your post with the specialty hashtag will be entered into a drawing for free stickers.

  • Or try it with coupon codes: the first 50 people to use this coupon code will receive free stickers with their order.

  • Another suggestion: social media sharing. Ask your customers to post pictures of your stickers and where they've put them, and double the impact by having them tag the pics with your specific hashtag. You might want to offer a giveaway or contest for those that participate, too, according to whatever promotions you have going on at the time.

As you can see, there are plenty of super creative uses for stickers both in real life and in the digital realm, all of which make for easy marketing campaigns should you choose to use them. If you're ready to grab some custom stickers of your own, you can start building your order and one of our Sticker Experts will make sure they're absolutely perfect and ready to go in no time.