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StickerGiant Invasion of Texas

Texas Invasion

Invade Texas! StickerGiant has quietly over the past 7 years been slowly invading Texas.

That's right. The Lone Star state will soon be covered in beautiful UV laminated white and clear stickers from brands grown in Texas.

Like most stories, it was an idea started in a basement that caught fire and grew until it threatened the security of anyone with a street light pole they didn't want covered in stickers.

Businesses of all kinds are supporting the StickerGiant invasion. Brewers, restaurants, artists, churches, tattoo shops, and more have all been our base of operation to spring board amazing sticker stories to all of Texas.

This invasion was successful and came on quick for multiple reasons:


Our Free Ground Shipping arrives in Texas in 2-3 business days via UPS.


Our staff loves BBQ. Any reason to visit a customer, such as Pioneer BBQ in Nixon, Texas motivates and fuels sticker production.


When it comes to a bunch of amazing customers in one spot, you can't beat SXSW and the representation of stickers seen in downtown Austin. This was ground zero for the StickerGiant invasion.

Chuck Norris:

Everyone's favorite Texas Ranger even uses stickers. "Chuck Norris once got a book taken off the shelves because his sticker of disapproval overrode Oprah's book club sticker." via ChuckNorrisFacts.com.

Always be on the look out for stickers near you because it could just be StickerGiant is invading your state next...

Texas Sticker mash up

Your Wild Cupcake Adventure Is Only a Bite Away

Wild Cupcake logo

It's true - for the last three years, The Wild Cupcake has been churning out delicious custom cupcakes and now features over 60 flavors combinations, some of which are seasonal, all of which are mouth-watering and tasty beyond belief.

Based in downtown Amarillo, Texas, owner Nicole Costa has been perfecting the art of cupcakes and has it down to a science. Taking her business and love of baking to television, she was the winner on the second episode of season seven of Food Network's Cupcake Wars, which gave her the encouragement she needed to expand her business. She offers delivery, pick-up, custom orders and a daily selection of scrumptious treats that is unparalleled.

Nicole has crafted a great sticker to represent her business - soft, understated and unruffled, just like the tiny cakes she handcrafts with love. The flavor is wild, and to take on her cupcakes you must be adventurous. From Almond Joy to Salted Caramel (a flavor exploding all across the nation), The Wild Cupcake has just what you need when you want it.

Watch more of what The Wild Cupcake is all about, then get your own custom stickers and get a little wild yourself!

Stickers for WordCamp Austin

WordCamp Austin stickergiant

This week StickerGiant is proud to be sponsoring WordCamp Austin and we are once again honored to be celebrating the creative community that surrounds WordPress. The weekend event will include a variety of workshops, presentations, after-hours events and other personal-development events for WordPress users looking to expand their knowledge-base.

Held April 26th-27th from Austin, Texas WordCamp Austin offers a range of thought leadership through talented speakers that target the most widely used web content management system — WordPress. WordPress is not only an important technology tool, it is also a platform that rallies an enthusiastic user-base. Even if you can’t make it to the event in Austin, it’s worth visiting the up-to-date Wordcamp wiki to see if a Camp is happening in your area.

If you plan to attend, be sure to pick up your StickerGiant schwag when you arrive at the venue. These sweet little die cuts are event-specific and feature an all-American range of colors true to the spirit of Texas.

Enhancing WordCamp engagement by distributing custom stickers during the event is a great way to build raving fans, and by combining a full gamut of design capabilities, your attendees with leave feeling part of the culture.

Attending the event and want to order your own nifty collection of custom stickers? Our StickerFairy has a special coupon code just for WordCampers. Enter coupon code wordcamp14 at check out and apply $10.00 on us;) Or contact Hailey directly at: hailey@stickergiant.com

LBJ's Nobel Search


Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, took the helm at one of the most perilous times in American history, following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Most Americans simply refer to Johnson as LBJ. He is among an elite group of four who have served our country as Congressman, Senator, Vice President, and President.

Hailing from Stonewall, Texas, Johnson was the eldest of five and a graduate of Southwest Texas State Teachers' College. He worked as a teacher before stepping into the political arena.

LBJ's lifelong quest for excellence and dedication to public service serve as an inspiration to all. Time Magazine named his 1965 speech, The American Promise, among the Top 10 Greatest Speeches of all time.

There is no moral issue. It is wrong — deadly wrong — to deny any of your fellow Americans the right to vote in this country. There is no issue of States rights or national rights. There is only the struggle for human rights. I have not the slightest doubt what will be your answer.

San Antonio Hash House Harriers? Tag That!

San Antonio Hash House Harriers

The San Antonio Hash House Harriers are a 21-and-older social walking/running club based in - you guessed it - San Antonio, Texas. Needless to say, they're not your typical group of fitness fanatics.

So you're thinking ... "what is this hash, they speak of?" "Does it have something to do with breakfast? Or an illegal substance of some sort?"

Well, you're in luck, seeing that this is Trivia Tuesday ...

Q: What is Hashing?






We'll let the hasher's explain ...

A: Hashing is loosely based on the chase between the hare(s) (or fox if you prefer) and the hounds (the pack). Hashers meet at a predetermined location at a set time. Once all the hashers are gathered, one or more hashers will start to lay trail (they are the hares). After several minutes, the pack will follow the hares trail trying to catch the him or her (Hare Snare). The trail is usually cross country, through bushes, water, mud, hills and whatever else the hares can find to run the pack through. The pack follows the marks left by the hares (trail) to the finish (On-In). But there’s a little twist – the hares are tricky little wankers who try deceive the pack. Although the hares do lay a true trail to the finish, they also lay false trails as well to deceive the pack in order not to get snared. Once the all the pack has reached the On-In, the hashers socialize, sing songs and most importantly, drink BEER, or the beverage of your choice.

So there you have it. More fun than a simple run, a hash is all about the fun and frivolity. And the beer. And the shiggy (a.k.a.: brush, brambles, streams, and mud).

Legend has it that the SAH3 can be found every Sunday, hashing it out at 3:30 PM somewhere in the general vicinity of San Antonio.



The Tattoo is Temporary, But the Bruises are Real

[Dear Readers, we no longer offer retail products, but we do offer an awesome website too order your own custom sticker.]

Our customers send us some remarkable photos of our products out in the real world, but we'd be hard pressed to find a more awesome shot than this temporary Texas flag tattoo in action ...

Here's how I wear my StickerGiant temp tattoo!  Playing roller derby with the High City Derby Divas out of Aurora Colorado!  It's my little way of representing my home state of Texas while living in Colorado. For the past two years I've ordered these temp tattoos to wear at all of my bouts!


Ain't My First Rodeo

High City Derby Divas

"The High City Derby Divas (HCDD) is an all-women roller derby league committed to providing a fun, challenging, and rewarding opportunity for women in the state of Colorado. The league is member-owned and controlled. We seek to become a non-profit organization while we donate time and money to noble causes in the state of Colorado. HCDD is dedicated to promoting the strength, beauty, and athleticism of women."

Lets Roll!

Photo by Christopher Chase.