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Join Marcus CiderFest for the Biggest Little Good Time Ever!


Yes, you read that right. The town of Marcus, Washington knows one thing really well and takes fierce pride in their small community of almost 200 residents. Their product of choice? Apple cider! Delicious, spiced apple cider holds a special place in their hearts and the Marcus CiderFest is a celebration of not only apples, but family, friends and a close-knit small town atmosphere.

The self-proclaimed motto of "Biggest Little Festival in Northern Washington" intends to draw attention to this quaint village, and delivers the most bang for your buck in terms of activities and a sense of family. Taking place on October 4th, 2014, the Marcus CiderFest promises a car show, kids carnival, parade, pancake breakfast ...deep breath... cider booth, desserts booth, music, a beer garden and tons of arts and crafts. That's a lot of fun to pack into one little town, and in just one day? Make sure you get there early so you can enjoy each and every family-friendly activity as you sample all manner of apple products.

Their sticker is nothing short of reminiscent for the good ol' days, when the changing of the seasons signified the start of apple cider season. Presses were uncovered and  cleaned, spices were prepared and apples were ground by the dozens. "Who Presses Your Cider?" is a cute way of reminding people of the heritage of Marcus, Washington and the delicious by-products of a fruitful season.

Check out this cute little video about CiderFest 2013 to prepare yourself for fall fun. Want to inspire a sense of community with your own stickers? Click here to get started!




Go Up In Smoke at the Little Smoke Cigar Festival

VIP sticker on people background

Do you love cigars and the smoking culture? Do you love festivals and spending time with other aficionados? Do you love the outdoors? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Little Smoke Cigar Festival is the place to be.

Mark your calendar for September 13, when the Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Washington State becomes home to this incredible festival celebrating fine smokes, great drinks and a general love of cigar culture in general. Hosted by the Legends of Fire Cigar Lounge, the region's only premium lounge, this festival is in its fifth year and promises to be a big one.

For the chance to sample over 20 cigars from 19 big-name companies, meet NBA champions and rock out to live music, grab your tickets before they're sold out. Make sure you also nab one of the festival's awesome stickers, featuring a VIP logo with a cigar in the middle. The bright red lettering really stands out on the black background, making you feel like a Very Important Person when you wear it proudly. And isn't feeling special the whole point of a festival?

Check out this video from the 2013 Little Smoke Cigar Festival to get an idea of what you're in for. Ready to feel like a VIP yourself? Click here to get started on your journey to awesomeness!

The Wallingford Beast Sticks Around

I Saw the Wallingford Beast Bumpersticker

We were shocked to learn that a strange six-legged creature resides at 1300 North 45th Street, in Seattle, Washington.

Only the most tuned in Seattleites know that the humble storefront,  a.k.a. the Archie McPhee store, is the humble abode of the Wallingford Beast ... but the word is leaking out. Hep cats and kittens aren't just adorning their bumpers with a mobile tribute to the adorable critter ... they're wearing t-shirts, carrying shopping bags, and sending out postcards. Soon all the world will know ...

Did the Wallinford Beast show his ugly head in this video? You Make the Call!

So what's Archie McPhee all about?

Prepare for a cranial explosion my friends. This is one of the coolest stores in the universe. A merchant devoted to the sharing of mirth and merriment that can only be found in the finest molded plastic and rubber.

Remember the Minkman Brothers from Saturday Night Live (SNL), back in the day?

Irv and Al would give Archie McPhee their seal of approval ...

Which brings us to today's terrific trivia question.

Q: The Minkman Brothers 60 Minutes segment was a high point in SNL's history. Who played Al Minkman? Was it ...

  • John Belushi

  • John Lovitz

  • Joe Piscopo

  • Billy Crystal

  • Adam Sandler

A. Billy Crystal

Overflow Turns on the Tap

Overflow Project

Most folks in America take clean drinking water for granted. But in many parts of the world, what we take for granted is a daily struggle.

The Overflow Project is a non-profit organization changing the world through simple living and generous giving. We bring communities together for collective change to help end poverty by supporting clean water projects in developing countries.

Overflow is a faith-based effort, based in Seattle, Washington. They partner with a range of organizations that put sustainable living and clean drinking water at the forefront. Their 50-Day Challenge asks its participants to make a small change each day, to save small change.

Saving a single dollar every twenty four hours, adds up to a painless fifty bucks after fifty days. Through a sustained conscious effort over the course of six weeks, your donation for clean water accumulates without making a dent in your budget. Cut back from a Venti to a Grande, from a Grande to a Tall, or skip Starbucks altogether and go to a 7-11 or WaWa instead.

This circular Overflow Project sticker is elegant in its simplicity, with the solid color graphic invoking an unmistakable porthole view. The concise design conveys the 50-Day Challenge mission. Make a small change. Make a big difference.


Your Greatest Source of Learning?


Before founding Microsoft, Bill Gates and Paul Allen had a different venture. While still high school students in the 1970s, they formed a company, Traf-O-Data to read the data from traffic data recorders and create reports for traffic engineers. Looking back, the business seems like it was from another century (which it was).

The old data recorders used paper punch tape ... a rather archaic form of information storage that might only be correctly identified by a handful of high school students today. Bill and Paul's classmates, however, became very familiar with reading the tapes, as they transcribed the information onto computer punch cards (yet another ancient form of data storage that few of today's high school students have seen).

Gates and Allen eventually teamed up with Paul Gilbert "the hardware guy," to build a device to read the paper tapes, using the new Intel 8008 microprocessor. Traf-O-Data ran its course after Washington State began offered data services directly to municipalities, which eliminated the need for outside contractors. This experience laid the groundwork for the ultimate success of Microsoft.

"Traf-O-Data as a business was kind of an underwhelming failure. I think we made a few dollars from it, but it wasn't a rocket taking off at all, like the BASIC was. It kind of landed with a thud. We were trying to compete with states that were giving away this traffic processing." - Paul Allen